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ESPN analyst and former two-division world champ, Timothy Bradley, has been on an absolute rampage of late, taking on a wide range of subjects and shocking the boxing world with some truly scathing, unfiltered statements.

On Oscar Valdez, who tested positive for the banned substance Phentermine prior to his September 10 WBC title defense against Robson Conceicao (but was allowed to go ahead with the bout anyway by the WBC and the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Athletic Commission):

“I wish [Conceicao] knocks [Valdez] the hell out,” Bradley told media. “That’s what I hope. I hope for a miracle. If this fight goes on, if nothing changes, I hope he gets knocked out, seriously.”

“And I’m a fan of Oscar Valdez. I am. I’m hurt by this. I’m really hurt by this. I went on national TV, on live TV, and said that this guy is now my hero after he defeated Berchelt.

“I’m sick to my stomach about this situation, and I think that whether it’s from the tea or not or whatever it is nobody cares about that. You tested positive. Everybody can think whatever the heck they want to think and I’m thinking that you’re dirty, my friend. That’s just it. I’m done.”

On the proposed Terence Crawford-Shawn Porter welterweight title fight being pegged for pay-per-view:

“You have two guys who aren’t relatively known,” said Bradley.

“I walked around and asked 20 random people who don’t know anything about boxing. Do you know Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford? They said no. Have you ever heard of Shawn Porter? No. All 20 of them said they never heard of them. So why is this fight on pay-per-view?”

On whether Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is using performance enhancing drugs:

“Canelo used to get tired,” Bradley told “I remember, man…He used to get tired. This is a guy with 40-something fights at the time. He used to get tired. He got tired in the Danny Jacobs fight. He got tired in a couple fights before that. I know that was some time ago, a few years ago, but he would get tired in the second half. In the first Triple G fight he got tired. But then all of a sudden, this dude’s walking guys down, this guy’s not getting tired anymore. This guy is actually knocking guys out now, breaking faces…it just raises a flag.”

The boxing world is used to outrage and to all sorts of controversy. What it’s not all that used to, though, is a network voice tossing out these kinds of proverbial pipe bombs. In a little over a week’s time, Bradley wished another fighter to be knocked out, cast shade on the star power of two legitimate high-end fighters, and also cast shade on the legitimacy and professional integrity of the sport’s biggest star.

It’s tough to counter any of what the former world champ has said.

When it comes to Valdez, well, one can wish whatever one likes on another person and Bradley clearly feels strongly about even the hint of a fellow fighter being dirty.

With Crawford and Porter, he may just be delivering a hard truth because, honestly, neither IS a mainstream star. Of course, you could claim lack of mainstream recognition with most every fighter in the business today, even with Bradley, himself, when he was a champ– and, by the way, not being a mainstream star never stopped him from headlining pay-per-view events.

As for Canelo Alvarez, Bradley just hinted at PED use and never came right out and said that the Mexican was using any banned substance. It’s hard to refute an accusation that was never directly made.

All in all, Timothy Bradley has been playing some scorched earth analysis in recent days and weeks. Whether you support his stances and claims, you have to admit that they do make for some interesting boxing buzz.

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