Top 10 NFL Players With the Longest Field Goals in History

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Every football fan loves when players take shots from a distance of more than 60 yards. It is likely that players will soon delight us with shots from over 70 yards. But which of them has made the longest strikes that have turned out to be effective so far? Below is a description of a dozen goals scored by NFL players from the farthest distance. It’s gorgeous and damn hard for even the most seasoned of players to replicate. It’s worth noting that it’s moments like these in sports that are cause for inspiration. The gambling business is no exception. For example, there are quite a few free no download slots with the theme of football.

10. David Akers in 2012 (37 years и 275 days)

David is one of the oldest players to have a hit from the field. He managed to hit a record number of shots at the age of 38. Against the Green Bay Packers, his third goal came from 63 yards away. With this, he helped the team for which he played to achieve convincing success – 30:22.

9. Jay Feely in 2012 (36 years и 144 days)

Unlike the aforementioned athletes who hit 61 yards at a relatively young age, Jay did so during his twelfth season, at the age of 36. He achieved this final success at the very end of his game with the Buffalo Bills. Until that moment, he had already had two successful hits in this match. Unfortunately, luck turned on him a little later, with a 38-yard shot, which resulted in the Buffalo Bills winning in overtime.

8. Sebastian Janikowski in 2011 (34 years и 194 days)

Two years after his previous record, the indefatigable Janikowski surpassed himself with an effective oud from a distance of 63 yards. In the same match, he set another record for the number of goals scored in Mile High. He delivered his legendary blow in the last minutes of the 1st half.

7. Sebastian Janikowski in 2009 (31 years и 300 days)

This player has become perhaps the most famous in the history of the national football league. He managed to score a shot from 61 yards away before the first half ended. This was his third goal before halftime. However, these were the only 9 points that his losing team that day received.

6. Matt Bryant in 2006 (31 years и 146 days)

This player can boast of consistent sporting success. But the famous hit was a success at the very beginning of his career in the league. 4 seconds before the end of the match, his team snatched the victory from the Eagles from Philadelphia with a score of 23:21. This famous hit from 62 yards, without exaggeration, went down in the history of the national league of American football.

5. Matt Prater in 2014 (29 years и 120 days)

For a long time, it seemed that the 63-yard hit length was a trait of sorts for football players, and no one would be able to overcome it for the foreseeable future. That was before Prater’s famous hit against the Tennessee Titans.

4. Jason Elam in 1998 (28 years и 231 days)

At that time, such strikes were a novelty, so the fans remember him well to this day. This was only the third recorded hit from a distance of at least 60 yards since 1980. He finished 1st there when Jason’s 63-yard three-pointer was a major contributor to his Denver side’s victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. A convincing victory was won that day – 37:24. In an interview, Elam admitted that he did not count on a record hit in this game.

3. Greg Zuerlein in 2015 (27 years and 316 days)

In the fall of 2015, this Rams player scored a 61-yard goal against the Vikings of Minnesota. Then he made three more legendary shots, which turned out to be effective for the Rams. Unfortunately, this player does not always perform consistently. For example, during the current season, he has only three successful shots from a distance of more than fifty yards. We can only hope that soon he will again be accompanied by the same luck in the game for his team.

2. Justin Tucker in 2013 (24 years и 25 days)

This player in the league is among the highest-scoring kickers. He also struck from a distance of 61 yards. Playing his second season in the league, he thus secured the defeat of Detroit’s Lions in the match against the Ravens. This is one of 6 similar punches that Tucker delivered in this match. The number of points that he brought to his team that day is 18.

1. Tom Dempsey in 1970 (23 years и 300 days)

This record is significant for two reasons. First, no one has been able to repeat it for 28 years. And after another 15 years, he remained unsurpassed. Second, the 63-yard hit was a huge sensation at the time, as the previous National Football League records were no more than 56 yards. Thus, Dempsey felt at the pinnacle of fame for the longest period in the history of the sport.


At the moment, 64-yard distance is the absolute record for football. But is it impossible to overcome it faster than we think? Historical experience gives hope for new achievements. Interesting statistics prepared by Tiffany Cutting – editor of the web platform Slotsspot.

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