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UFC Vegas 37 Prelims Fight To Watch: Carlston Harris vs Impa Kasanganay

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Impa Kasanganay vs Carlston Harris features exciting submission specialist welterweights, which is why they’re the UFC Vegas 37 prelims fight to watch.

This UFC Fight Night scheduled for Sept. 18, headlined by Anthony Smith and Ryan Spann has an intriguing undercard match between two dynamic fighters. Both of whom have demonstrated a penchant for submitting good grapplers. Kasanganay versus Harris is the fight on this undercard deserving of the most attention.

Fighter profile: Carlston Harris (16-4)

Harris has an interesting background. He grew up in a small South American country named Guyana in conditions of abject poverty. One day, he gathered all his resources and showed up in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil looking to train as an MMA fighter. Ever since then he has made a career doing so with his long anaconda-like arms.

His last appearance for the debut of his UFC career versus Christian Aguilara got this journeyman fighter his first slice of real fight money with a $50,000 bonus for POTN in which he used his signature anaconda choke to tranquilize his opponent.

Harris trains under Marcio Cromado at Renovation Fight Team in Rio De Janeiro. He dispatched a Khabib-trained, very tough Dagestani fighter in Saygid Izagakhmaev with another arm choke in January — this fighter having had an impressive record of 17-1 with no record of him being finished.

He can be a striker, however, while he often has a reach advantage over his opponent. Harris seems to favor fighting up against the cage a lot and taking his opponents down and submitting them as opposed to being an open mat fighter.

Fighter profile: Impa Kasanganay (9-1)

Kasangay, the son of Congolese immigrants, trains at the world-renowned Sanford MMA academy in Florida. It’s there where he has some of the best training available for an MMA athlete at this time. He has demonstrated the ability to take his opponents into deep water and squeeze out decision wins — his cardio is phenomenal.

He’s fast and explosive and boasts six finishes via submission. His only loss was was probably one of the most brutal KOs in fight sports history and unlikely to ever be repeated again in such a fashion.

The prediction for this highly-anticipated matchup is that Harris can finish Kasanganay, but there’s a mixed consensus on various vegas odds betting websites. Still, he’s proven himself against several good grapplers from around the world.

Kasanganay’s striking record doesn’t lead me to believe that he has any chance of scoring a KO here when he has never done so before. Furthermore, Harris has a good chin as demonstrated in his last fight. So Kasanganay’s strategy should be to make this a long fight where he can get a decision favoring his explosive style. Harris should close the distance, take him down, and put him to sleep. Let’s see what happens.

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