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Devils New P.A. Announcer Rankings: 10-6

The New Jersey Devils are beginning to search for an essential piece to their puzzle. The team is missing a public address announcer at the Prudential Center. So, for the past several weeks, the Devils put out an application for people all over social media to sign up to be the new public address announcer. Devils fans are currently voting for ten applicants. Those have a chance to get a life-changing job to work in the Prudential Center as the new public address announcer. When the three best are selected, they will do a preseason game to decide who is the best announcer. Here are my rankings from number 10 through six in the first of a series of articles where I will take a look at the potential P.A. announcers for the team.

10. Frank Pyzik- Tuckerton, NJ

To begin the ranking, we have Frank Pyzik of Tuckertown, NJ. In Frank"s submission video, he comes out with a lot of confidence. Frank tries to convince the voters to vote for him by saying the goal announcements provided to him. While his voice was loud and sound, the lack of professionalism mentioned was a big problem. One other criticism I have with his submission is that he isn"t sitting down or having a microphone in front of him. With a big job on the line, you really must go all out and impress while also being yourself. It"s a great submission; add your experience as a public address announcer, and doing it in front of a microphone would be a significant improvement.

9. Joseph Tolentino- Fair Lawn, NJ

Joseph Tolentino from Fair Lawn, NJ, is a guy who is good and loud. He certainly has a good voice like a P.A. announcer. I can see him down the road working a few years as a P.A. announcer for the Devils if he doesn"t end up getting to the final three. But like the last entry main issue I have is his lack of mentioning experience. Now not having experience is never a bad thing. He could"ve said, “I don"t have experience, but I want to be a part of this because I love this team and the organization." That shows that you care about having this job because you love and care that you are willing to work hard. But not having the whole package drops him down to number nine.

8. Sam Woo- Chester, NJ

Out of all the finalists, I know Sam Woo personally. I work at Fansided as a contributor to Pucks and Pitchforks. Sam is a co-host of the Let"s Go Devils podcast, which I did appear on. He is a lovely person to work with and knows the sport and the team history a lot better than I do. Sam does have a powerful voice and can do amazing things on the mic. Sam"s demo reel is excellent, as he provides most of which requirements the Devils are asking for. Sam even does a little bonus call for Dougie Hamilton. I"m sure the Devils know who he is as a person and would allow him to be the new P.A. addresses announcer.

But I think the only issue I have is not mentioning how good his experience is. The demo reel says he is a professional, can make great creativity, have a good voice, and has fantastic enthusiasm. But talking about experience is excellent too. Sam could"ve solved that by saying he has a podcast and has worked in the radio business. It gives the voters the idea of what"s your experience with working with voice. It"s an outstanding audition, and I would love it if he got it. Just a tiny workaround on the audition tape, and he would be perfect. If you want to see more of him, you can listen to the Let"s Go Devils podcast because it"s a great show to talk about Devils news.

7. Jonathan Schwerdtfeger- Ramsey, NJ

Jonathan"s submission as a P.A. announcer is fascinating. Jonathan does explain he doesn"t have any experience with being a P.A. announcer, which is a step up from the last three. However, he explains he worked with the organization for the previous four years with the event staff. It makes me believe that Jonathan has met and had some conversations and help from former P.A. announcer Kevin Clark. His audition shows that as well. When he announces the names, he sounds a lot like Kevin Clark. But it does, however, lead to a problem. While Devils fans loved Kevin Clark, we do need a different voice at the microphone. Sounding like him doesn"t mean you are a guarantee to get the job. It would be great to have a distinct voice announcing the goals instead of someone sounding like Kevin Clark. A great audition in every way in terms of loudness and skills needs more variety.

6. Malachi Clyburn- Newark, NJ

Next up is Malachi Clybum from Newark, NJ. The first thing that impresses me right away is that he has experience working as a P.A. announcer. Malachi explains that he worked as a P.A. announcer in peewee and junior hockey. It also helps that Malachi"s explanations are clear and precise, and he has that effort to want to be a P.A. announcer. When Malachi does announce the names, Malachi does it in an original style. He certainly has the drive to be a great announcer. What inspired me in this submission is that he is a person of color. I would love to have the first colored public address announcer in franchise history.

It would be an excellent experience for our team. He does have the voice; he certainly has the drive to do so. He is listed as number six here because the other five candidates have something unique and more creative. Still a great audition nonetheless.

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