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Sixty years ago on Sept. 21, 1955, Rocky Marciano wrote the final chapter of a legacy that has not only outlived him but has continously grown with time.

It wasn’t originally planned by Marciano that his ninth-round knockout of reigning light heavyweight champion Archie Moore would be his last time to lace up his gloves.

And that he would retire with such a iconic record that still to this day is held in such high regard 49-0-0 with 43 knockouts a feet matched by very few.

49-0 Undefeated Legend

The challenger Moore created the first sensational moment of the fight 27 seconds into round two. Marciano landed a hook to the jaw, the champion looked overhand right that sent him off-balance, Moore struck rolling away from the swing, then firing a straight counter right to the chin that dropped the champion to his knees.

After six more exciting rounds Marciano seized the opportunity assaulting Moore with his trademark shots, after taking Moore’s last ditch attempt to salvage the fight, a wicked right uppercut to the jaw that Marciano took in his stride, the champion landed a pair of clean clinical hooks that dropped Moore in his corner, grabbing at the ropes using every bit of energy to continue.

Moore, down for the fourth time in the fight tried with all he had to bring himself back to his feet but his cornerman climbed onto the ring apron and pushed down on his mans left shoulder, unable to resist, Moore fell to the floor and took the remainder of the count, giving Rocky Marciano his 49th victory and cementing his legacy as a boxing legend.

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