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The New Jersey Devils are beginning to search for an essential piece to their puzzle. The team is missing a public address announcer at the Prudential Center. So, for the past several weeks, the Devils put out an application for people all over social media to sign up to be the new public address announcer. Devils’ fans are currently voting for ten applicants. Those have a chance to get a life-changing job to work in the Prudential Center as the new public address announcer. When the three best are selected, they will do a preseason game to decide who is the best announcer. Here are my rankings from number five through one in the first of a series of articles where I will look at the potential P.A. announcers for the team.

5. Bill Clark- Ashbury Park, NJ

As we head into the top five, I notice the voices are getting a lot clearer. But there are times when voices do sound like someone else, and Bill is no exception. When Bill begins his audition, he talks about his current job as a school librarian. While Bill certainly has the books and the outfit to match the position, he does a great job influencing people’s voices. There is something familiar in Bill’s voice, however.

When Bill speaks, he has a similar voice to former CBC hockey commentator Jim Hughson. From the growl that Jim does, all the way to the speaks, we have a potential Jim Hughson type P.A. announcer. He also does address his experience by saying he was the mascot, public address announcer, and MC for the University of Vermont athletics department. Bill has also experience as an MC for the former minor league baseball team Vermont Lake Monsters. I will love a guy like this announcing New Jersey Devils games if he does manage to get into the top three.

4. Aaron Pittman- Westfield, NJ

What I find very interesting about Aaron is his voice. Aaron’s voice is profound and loud. It also helps that Aaron mentions his eight years of experience as a P.A. announcer. Not only does he say that type of experience, but Aaron also mentions he worked as a D.J. Having those two experiences means he is used to being loud and clear. He says other types of expertise include:

  • Being in a marching band and drumline.
  • Working in the winter and color guard.
  • The Business Professionals of America.

So, with that experience, noise is never an issue with him. When Aaron does announce the phrases, he sounds exactly like a professional. He’s very loud as well as clear and has enough of a voice to make it his own. This guy has done a great job with the audition, though I would only change one thing. If you make the window more extensive, we can see more of your face. We can see your mouth movements and see what voice you have. It’s a nitpick, but it’s still an outstanding audition.

3. Mike Gogel- Butler, NJ

Mike comes into the final three because his voice is original, but his resume is vital. Mike was a D.J. and MC for ten years for weddings and events. Mike also worked in radio working with several stations and does voiceover work for radio commercials and corporate presentations. Mike’s personality is great, and he has a lot of fun with the submission.

A significant part of that was when Mike decided to use colored lights to emulate Mike’s appearance in the arena. As for when he is announcing the players who score goals, he does a fantastic job. Mike is loud and certainly would get the crowd fired up for the team. I’m hoping he nails the audition to get this job because he certainly deserves to be the next announcer.

2. Ryan Kaczynski- Edison, NJ

I think what gets me interested in Ryan right away is his personality. He is very confident in his voice, and his passion for the job can make people smile. Ryan explains that his experience includes being a voiceover artist. Usually, voiceover artists are clear and loud to announce words and names. It fits perfectly with the job description. When Ryan does announce the names, he does a fantastic job. He speaks it clearly and nails the type of energy a P.A. announcer has.

My favorite part of his audition, though, is how Ryan uses a visual aid to try and give the idea of what it would look like if Ryan did get the job. He uses the videos the Devils use and the pictures of players put on the jumbotron at the Prudential Center. Ryan’s undoubtedly going to need to do his best to get that spot. He is also a lifelong Devils fan as well so getting this job would be excellent for him. While I would love him to get the job, one more submission stands in Ryan’s way.

1. Anthony Barberio- Aberdeen, NJ

Anthony comes in at number one on this ranking for several reasons. While he may not have the experience as a P.A. announcer, he certainly can act like it. Anthony’s background consists of acting and comedy. While they may not be the same job type, I certainly like the idea of a P.A. announcer with a bit of humor added to it. He seems more than willing to do it, as he showcases a little comedy in his submission. He begins by showing us a couple of folders for jokes.

I did like the “Proof that Central Jersey exists folder”; that was funny. When he makes the goal and assist announcements for Nico Hischier and Yegor Sharangovich, he is using his acting skills excellent here. Anthony provides the voice of a P.A. announcer ideally, without trying to sound like Kevin Clarke or any other P.A. announcer. Anthony has the checkmarks for being a great P.A. announcer, and I hope he gets selected for the preseason games. If that ends up working out, fans could see him and hear him on October 15th at the home opener against the Chicago Blackhawks.

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