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Blaine O’Driscoll: The Interview

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This Saturday, Brave CF will be touching down in Konin, Poland, with another brilliant card lined up for their 54th event. In the co-main event, we have two of the best prospects in the promotion with Irishman Blaine O’Driscoll coming up against the undefeated Muhammad Mokaev.

O’Driscoll impressed during his days in BAMMA, and he decided to take his skills global, becoming the flyweight champion in World Warriors Fighting Championship in Ukraine. Bellator spotted his talent, and he fought on the cards in Dublin and Milan, winning two out of his three fights.

The Irishman possesses a wide-ranged skillset in mixed martial arts, with impressive striking and just as good grappling. With three TKO/KO’s and four submissions in his professional career, he’s looking to become the first man to defeat Mokaev on Saturday night and he won’t be looking to go the distance.

I had the pleasure of speaking to O’Driscoll ahead of his bout at Brave CF 54.

“I Know Exactly What he is Going to Do”

First of all, I’d love to know how and when did you start your journey in MMA?

Blaine O’Driscoll – There’s no mad story to why I started MMA, you know I didn’t escape the ghetto or gang life because of MMA like have these fighters try make you believe. I just went to class one day and enjoyed it and I still enjoy it to this day so I keep doing it. That simple. If you find something you enjoy that other ppl think is work you stick at it.

You’re a clinical, powerful striker and a tough, exciting grappler with finishes in both departments, do you class yourself as a striker or grappler or is it neither for you?

Blaine O’Driscoll – Neither. I started in MMA I had no previous background so I class myself as a true mixed martial artist and just go where the opportunity’s take me, I like to push my opponent to where his weakness is, so it depends who I am fighting.

How has training been over the past six months ahead of the fight, you train with SBG Ireland, has there been anyone in particular who helped you ahead of this one?

Blaine O’Driscoll – Training has been solid for this one I expected to fight last month in Kazakhstan so I’ve put in nearly 15 weeks of hard work for this fight, my most ever for a fight so you should see the best example of me in there. My main partners have been Brad Katona, Brian Moore, Fabio Sausa, Rapheal Fadreico. So good mix of strikers and grapplers ready for anything.

Tell me about your first title win in Kyiv for the World Warriors Fighting Championship? How did that opportunity come about and what were your emotions after the submission?

Blaine O’Driscoll – I am not sure how the opportunity came about but they were bringing me over to fight home town guy to lose, I was a sure underdog in that fight and I rose up and spoilt the show. I was delighted with the one, one of the most satisfying wins to date. Showed to never count me out.

What happened with Bellator, after one defeat, you impressed with a two-fight win streak, but you joined Brave five months later?

Blaine O’Driscoll – Well Bellator was great experience but they have no flyweight division title so it was never really going anywhere for me it was just fight experience on a big stage. Brave but a lot of work into the flyweight division so I have an actual path here, this is the best place for me.

You went to war with Jose Torres in your Brave debut, what did you think of your performance?

Blaine O’Driscoll – Looking back at the video it looked like a great performance against a top opponent, but at the time I took the fight on 5 days notice I was not in shape and felt completely gassed and not there mentally in the fight. It was just pure heart that got me through that fight, that’s something you can’t teach. So all in all it was a more good experience in the bag

Muhammad Mokaev is your opponent on Saturday, do you have any thoughts on him and a possible prediction ahead of the fight?

Blaine O’Driscoll – Yes, Mo is a great wrestler but everything else is lacking he relies on his wrestling so I know exactly what he is going to do, shoot for whole fight. I can see him getting a few takedowns me getting up every time and keeping the pressure on him, my prediction is he will slow down the constant pressure will break him, I will win by TKO or RNC in Rd2 or 3.

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