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The Diaz Brothers Aren’t Trying To Win

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Nick and Nate Diaz have had the MMA world clamoring for their return. Many folks on Twitter created wild theories as to why they are returning, why now, and what is their goal. Nick Diaz, a man who will never hold his thoughts back, told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto on Tuesday that he doesn’t particularly enjoy fighting. Nate Diaz had nothing but compliments and encouraging things to say after his loss to Leon Edwards on June 12, 2021. This isn’t the Diaz brothers we remember, what happened?

The Evoloution of a Valuable Diaz Bro

That is because they aren’t the Diaz brothers we remember, they’ve evolved. Everyone either is evolving or devolving with every passing day. Do we decide to get up and work out, or do we lounge around and watch The Office for the third time? Looking at Nick’s physique during his Venom shoot, he may have done more of the latter. The Diaz brothers are new versions of themselves, and these versions aren’t ones who have come back with a vengeance for UFC gold to add to their Hall of Fame legacy. They are much more complicated than that. And it is a good thing.

Their goal this go-around is to shine a light on fighters who deserve it, to turn the UFC on its head. There is an air of Jake Paul here, where they want to disrupt the machine for the better of the fighters. One may ask, “Why would Dana allow them to come in and try to uproot everything he built?” Easy, Money. Dana Knows they are a huge draw and can line his pockets while he still can. The UFC can only hold off on paying their fighters more for so long, so let’s make some dough while we can.

“Don’t let these motherf****** tell you ain’t s*** name your price or they will name it for you,” said Nate Diaz to Edwards, following his decision victory over the younger Diaz, according to Edwards’ Twitter. Nate Diaz wants to see people flourish, perhaps that’s why he didn’t press more when he hurt “Rocky” in the final minutes of their June bout. A win for Edwards does much more for the future of the UFC than it does for the youngest Diaz brother. And a loss to Nate Diaz could have derailed Edwards’ Championship hopes.

Draw Diaz

Nick and Nate are huge draws, and they always will be. Similar to a lone good cop having to do his time on the beat in order to clean up the department, the only way for the Diaz bros to help fighters and change the sport is to be a part of the very beast they want to fix. The good news, they are such a draw they can name their circumstances. They each got a non-championship, non-main event five-round fight, the first in UFC history- and that is due to the draw of these men.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this. … This should not happen. Whoever set this up is an idiot. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I don’t know why this happened.” Nick Diaz says to Brett Okamoto. The oldest Diaz brother then goes on to request a weight change for the fight to 185lbs, which was granted by the UFC and Robbie Lawler, suggesting the cut to 170lbs was not worth it for Nick Diaz. In his first fight back to the UFC in six years and he chooses to not make weight. How much bigger of a sign that this man didn’t come back for championships is needed? Nick Diaz doesn’t want to fight Lawler, as it already happened and Lawler isn’t moving forward with the UFC beyond this fight, or maybe he gets one more following it. So, the question is asked again, why is the oldest Diaz bro fighting?

Nate Diaz is fighting to put great fighters in great positions. No one would fight Leon Edwards, “Mr. 209” steps up. Vicente Luque isn’t getting the credit he deserves? Nate Diaz will step up. It is very apparent what Nate Diaz is doing back, but what about Nick Diaz? Has he become the metaphorical younger brother, fighting because your sibling is? We may never know why exactly Nick Diaz is still fighting when he is adamant and has been for years, that he doesn’t enjoy it. What we do know is that we have new versions of the Diaz brothers. There is no way to know how many more times we may see them in the octagon, so we should enjoy every second, and despite why they are fighting, they are so extremely entertaining.

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  • Todd K says:

    You are correct, they have evolved but I don’t think Nate is doing it to shine the light on fighters not getting respect. I think Nate simply realized it’s time for him to get paid. He has spent the early parts of his career making under $20,000 a fight. He only started making real money since the first Conor fight. In my opinion he’s simply taking big name fighters like Showtime and Masvidal or guys in the top ten in the division because those fights will draw the biggest numbers. Also I don’t agree that they don’t want to win. They absolutely go in there to win but they also know if they lose, they still get paid and if they bang and the fight is close they don’t lose any fans. I would imagine that that will only go on for so long which is why Nate is fighting more often now. He’s getting paid while he can.

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