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Death comes in 3s. The Yankees have 3 series’ left. 3 games in each series. Each series against the exact
3 teams which the Yankees are directly competing against for their playoff spot. The Yankees have
officially been handed their death certificate. The question is: will they sign it themselves, or say “not

The scheduling and setup are so poetic that it looks like a work of fiction. The Yankees currently hold the
second wildcard spot and are set up to play against the team ahead of them (Red Sox), the team behind
them (Blue Jays), and the division leader (Rays). The Yankees have a losing record against each of these
teams this year. This is the perfect introduction for a Yankeeography episode in the future.

All things considered, this is the best scenario for the Yankees because they are 100% in control of their
own fate. If the Yankees make the playoffs, it will be entirely because they propelled themselves to
victory. If the Yankees miss the playoffs, it will be entirely by their own demise. In a way, this is the best
possible set-up because it is better to be in maximum control over one’s own fate, rather than having to
depend on other teams in games over which we have no control over.

The story of the 2021 New York Yankees is the story of Jekyll and Hyde: fluctuation between extremes.
The Yankees win in streaks/bunches, and they lose in streaks/bunches. There are no quick turnarounds
in the Yankees’ deck of fate. If I were to pick one word to describe the entire season, it would be

Because of this, the Yankees can sweep the Boston Red Sox by Monday morning and I would be equally as
emotionally undisturbed as if they have lost all three games without scoring a run. Every possibility is in
play, and nothing would be uncalled for.

I do not know if the Yankees will find success in the final three series’ or not, but I do know, that it will
be big, and my heart is going to feel it. This is exciting.


My bold prediction is the following: The Yankee’s success or failure in the rest of the season will not
determine or affect off-season roster/front office decisions. I firmly believe that the Yankees
organization knows what moves it will wind up making, and none of them will change by the outcome
of 9 games plus a crapshoot playoff run. I believe that if the Yankees win the World Series, the
organization will have the exact same off-season as they would have if they miss the playoffs entirely.

The reason for this belief? The Yankees have seen too big of a sample size on everyone to be persuaded
off of their evaluations. Even if the Yankees win the World Series, it will be because of good timing and
not because of dependability. Think of it this way: no matter what happens, the Yankees need a new
shortstop besides Gleyber Torres.

I do not know if Boone and/or Cashman are staying this year. I do not know what players are staying or
leaving this offseason. I do think, however, that Hal knows. Frankly, his decision is the only one that matters. But
the Yankees cannot play with the winter in mind. They must live in the now. As The Eagles say: “we may
lose, and we may win, but we will never be here again.” Make no mistake, they should not take it easy.

How do the Yankees answer the door when death comes knocking?

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