Bryce Harper Will Be NL MVP

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Bryce Harper has had a phenomenal season with the Philadelphia Phillies this season. So good in fact, that he is in the running for National League MVP. According to some analysts, Harper could see himself in the front running for the award. With players like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Juan Soto in the running, how much of an edge does Harper have to actually win the award? Bryce Harper has the best odds to win the award.

Harper’s Case

In his 10th season in the MLB, Harper is putting up some of the best numbers of his career. As of September 28th, 2021, Harper is posting a .313 batting average, 34 home runs, 82 RBIs, an on-base percentage of .434, a slugging percentage of .621, and a WAR of 5.9. Harper during the second half of the season has been scorching hot, and this second half push is giving Harper the front running for the NL MVP award. Even though Tatis and Soto are having exceptional seasons themselves, Harper’s play this season has appeared to be a little better to give himself the edge.

Harper’s play has been so well, that it has helped the Phillies take possession of second place in the NL East, and to be in contention for first place in the division. This seems to also give Harper an edge. The fact that Harper’s elite play has almost carried the Phillies to be playing as well as they are. As well as Tatis and Soto are playing, they haven’t really carried their teams to success in the sense that Harper has. If you look at all of these players and contemplate, who is the most valuable player to their team’s success? The answer is Bryce Harper. If you take each of these players out of their respective lineups, the Nationals would still struggle, the Padres would still be a well-rounded team, although not as efficient without Tatis. However, the Phillies without Bryce Harper would be almost in the Nationals team and severely struggle.

Harper ultimately put the Phillies on his back and played at an elite level through the second half of the season. Making him not only the most valuable player on his own team, but he is putting up MVP numbers. He has been doing literally everything in his power so the Phillies can stay in playoff contention and Harper is the biggest reason why in fact they are in the position they are. Baseball is a team sport all in all, however when you have a player like Harper, and is playing at the level that Harper is in fact playing at, he deserves to win the NL MVP award.

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