Does Houston Have a Problem?

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The Houston Texans lost yet again on Thursday night, and with a tough opponent this week, can they turn it around?

The Season so Far

From what we’ve seen from Houston thus far into the season, they look to be the same team we’ve seen since 2014. However, some slack can be cut for this year’s team as they have a rookie head coach in David Culley, and a new general manager in Nick Caserio. This season will more than likely be a rebuilding season for Houston with their sights on the draft and the upcoming offseason.

The Texans played well in week one, giving fans hope that maybe this year won’t be too terrible. Week two they were able to keep pace with the Browns until their QB went out with an injury. Week three they looked lost, led by a rookie quarterback they struggled to generate anything offensively. With the next opponent being the Bills, Houston will have to decide, to tank, or win?

Last weeks Problems.

The Texans’ defense looked the same as always on Thursday. They got some key stops but gave up big plays often. The Offense was slow getting started and struggled all game. Perhaps the only positive from last week’s game was the ability to put up any points at all, nine to be exact.

The Texans’ inconsistent ability to play defense is something they need to fix, as they enter perhaps the toughest part of their schedule on Sunday, having to play the likes of the Patriots, Cardinals, Rams, Dolphins, and the Colts.

If rookie quarterback Davis Mills improves his play while Tyrod Taylor is out, this offense should have no struggles against these opponents, but the Texans always find a way.

The Biggest Key to Victory is?

The best way the Texans can ensure a victory against Buffalo is to play defense. Buffalo’s offense has been amazing so far, so slowing them down is key. The Texans struggled early in their last matchup with Buffalo in the 2019 playoffs, having to come from behind to win 22-19.

The offense will be heavily tested this week, Buffalo has a great defense that has already boasted a shutout so far this season, and it more than likely won’t be their last. Mills has proven that he can handle more than what HC David Culley gave him last week, and he’ll need to be on top of his game on Sunday.

Final Thoughts

The Texans sit in second in the AFC South as of Monday, and if they wish to keep up with the Titans, they’ll need to do everything in their power to win on Sunday.

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