Pettersson and Hughes Agree To New Deals

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With just over two weeks until the puck drops on the 2021-22 NHL season Canucks young stars Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes have agreed to new deals. Reports are saying both deals are worth less than $8 million per season each.

Quinn Hughes Deal

Defenseman Quinn Hughes’ new deal is set to a six-year $7.75 million average annual value. Although the number has not yet been confirmed the term has. If this in fact is true the waiting game was perfect, as this offseason saw defensemen get paid big. Miro Heiskanen signed an eight-year $67.4 million contract with Dallas in early July. Seth Jones signed an eight-year $76 million deal with Chicago in late July, Darnell Nurse signed an eight-year $74 million deal in early August, and Colorado locked up Cale Makar in late July with a six-year $55 million deal. If the reports are correct the Canucks locked up their stud defenseman with a six-year $46.5 million deal.

Elias Pettersson Deal

Hughes agreed to a six-year deal, but early reports are saying Pettersson will betting on himself and a salary cap increase agreeing to a three-year term. Early indications are Pettersson’s deal is worth $7.7 million per season, making his deal a three-year $23.1 million deal. One year ago speculation was Pettersson would be getting $10 million-plus, but the former Calder Award winner has taken less than expected and will take a discount for the next few years while manning the middle of the “Lotto Line”.


Hughes and Pettersson could have asked for more. Luckily for the Canucks and their fans the deals are just needing ink. The Canucks getting Hughes to sign for six years is huge, especially if his plan is to play with his brothers Jack and Luke Hughes in the future. As for Pettersson, a three-year deal isn’t the worst considering he could have got an offer sheet. Overall the Canucks signed their young kids to bargain deals and just in time for the season. These contracts are wins for the players, organization, and fans.

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