The Phillies Must Be Busy This Offseason

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With playoff hopes starting to look doubtful, this Phillies team has to be busy this offseason. Although being a bit of a surprise team, no one really saw the Phillies finishing second in the NL East. Granted, the division was relatively weak, but the fact that they contended for the division title like they did was a little impressive. For a team I slated to finish at best, third in the division, this team surprised me a bit. However, it wasn’t enough, and when the team doesn’t have enough success to make the postseason, then the team has to make adjustments. The Phillies have to be busy this offseason if they want to make the playoffs next season.

Make A Big Move

It seems like the Phillies are close to making that leap to becoming a playoff team. However, in order to ensure that the Phillies have to make a big move of some sort. This offseason is especially known for the great shortstops available. Players like Corey Seager, Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, Javier Baez, are all players that are available at the shortstop position. And then there are players such as Kris Bryant, Kevin Gausman, Marcus Semien, Jose Ramirez, etc. There are so many players that are available this offseason, that the Phillies could have a good shot at getting someone. If the Phillies can go out and make at least one good move, along with some smaller complementary moves, this team could become an actual contender by the beginning of the 2022 season.

Keep The Rotation

The Phillies have to hold onto their rotation come next spring. Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler are essentially locked to be in the starting rotation next season. A huge surprise for the Phillies rotation was bringing in Ranger Suarez. Ever since he was added to the rotation, he has been excellent for the Phillies. During the 2021 season, Suarez posted a 7-5 record, a 1.45 ERA, 98 strikeouts in 99 innings pitched. For someone that was just moved from the bullpen to the rotation, those are some great numbers. Zack Eflin was also a solid pitcher the Phillies had before they lost him due to a season-ending injury. And Kyle Gibson, even though he did struggle in the second half of the season, is a viable starting pitcher.

Now if the Philadelphia Phillies have questions about guys like Eflin or Gibson, they could attempt to maybe move one and go sign another starting pitcher, maybe someone like a Kevin Gausman or a Marcus Stroman, however, I don’t really see the Phillies making that kind of move unless they are looking to get rid of either of those two pitchers. But if the Phillies are going to change anything about their rotation, it should at least be with Zack Eflin or Kyle Gibson. If they do in fact like Gibson and Eflin, the rotation should just remain the same for next season.

Fix The Bullpen

The long time of a struggling Phillies bullpen continues. The bullpen definitely improved since last season, but it still wasn’t that great. Good teams invest into a good bullpen, and this is something the Phillies must do. The Phillies have had way too many blown games because they can’t hold a lead. It is quite frustrating to see. The addition of Ian Kennedy during the trade deadline was a nice pickup, but it wasn’t enough to really show that the Phillies bullpen was gonna turn it around. Jose Alvarado was a good pickup last offseason, but as hard as he could throw it he had issues with walking batters. Archie Bradley struggled as well at times. The Phillies definitely need to go out and fix this bullpen or else they aren’t gonna be improving much at all.

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