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Interview with Giorgio Petrosyan

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Asia’s biggest mixed martial arts promotion is staging a massive event this October 15th at ONE: First Strike, where we’re going to be treated to 6 sensational fights, including the eight-man Featherweight Kickboxing Grand Prix inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

In the card’s main attraction, ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Champion, Giorgio Petrosyan will be looking to once again continue the reign of his division as he takes on the phenomenal Thai sensation Superbon.

I was fortunate to catch up with Petrosyan in the build-up to the main event and spend time discussing this huge fight.

Interview with Giorgio Petrosyan

How does it feel being back, main eventing a ONE Championship event?

Having the opportunity to fight in the main event of a ONE Championship event is already an incredible honor. Having the opportunity in the main event of a card with all the best talents in my division and fight for the title is something that truly ignites me and spurs me to put everything I have for a great show.

After such a difficult year with the world dealing with Covid, how has it affected you have you dealt with any difficulties during this period?

Of course, it has been a troubled period worldwide not only for Italy. With lockdown of course also gyms were closed, but I was lucky to live basically 200 m from the gym and so I had the opportunity to train with my brother. At the end time moved pretty fast and now finally with vaccination we are moving over this hard time and getting back to normal.

Your opponent at First Strike is Superbon. As yourself is known for being a highly technical fighter, is there anything in his skill set that you see as being a threat to your championship?

Yes I know him. He is tough and his technique is great. He is pretty well rounded so for me is difficult to mention a single aspect of his game to take care of in particular. What I know for sure is that it is gonna be a great fight and real treat for our fans.

You have already achieved so much in your career are you satisfied with your achievements or do you have unfinished business?

As I always say my mind Is always set 100% on my next bout. So I don’t have time to focus on other thoughts. I love kickboxing and I love being in the ring and that’s the only important thing for me

Do you see the fact that Superbon hasn’t competed in over a year is an advantage to you?

Honestly I don’t think so. During this period is pretty difficult to stay active so it is a pretty common situation among fighters. Even if I fought almost 6 months ago I don’t feel like having an advantage. We had both time to prepare this match at best so we don’t have excuses. We will be ready for war…at least me for sure.

Looking at the stacked Kickboxing Grand Prix are there any intriguing matchups in there that you look forward to welcoming?

Honestly I do not any match in particular. All the bouts are great fights. It’s since the time I fought in K-1 that I don’t see such exciting match-ups. If there is one organization that can put together such amazing talents in one night that is ONE. For the kickboxing fans I am sure it will be a unique show even if I won’t be able to enjoy it that much because I will have to stay focused on my bout.

If you watch an event like this you don’t need anything else. Almost all the talent from all over the world will be performing in the same night: it will be huge!

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