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Almighty FC 19: Connor Wilson Interview

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After being side-lined due to the global pandemic, Almighty Fighting Championship is all go with promoter Ray Thompson showing no intention of slowing down. Just two weeks ago, Almighty FC made the Olympia in Liverpool their home for the night, putting on a total of twenty-two action-packed fights, which certainly delivered.

Young, hungry and exciting talent was on show throughout, from amateur prospects showcasing their potential to professionals taking the next leap in their careers. It was must-see action.

I caught up with Next Generation MMA fighter Connor Wilson who catapulted himself back into the win column on the night with a unanimous decision victory over Jack Young.

Interview with Connor Wilson

Two weeks post your victory at Almighty FC 19. Talk to me about how you’re feeling after jumping back into the win column and going (2-1) in your professional career?

Connor Wilson – “It feels good to get back to winning ways. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Mentioning jumping back into the winning bracket. What were the emotions like in the lead-up to the fight after coming off a loss to someone you beat in your last amateur about? Did you feel the pressure at all?

Connor Wilson – “I felt no pressure. In the fight I lost to Mulholland, I put too much pressure on myself with it being on Cage Warriors. I knew my level and felt I had something to prove. I will never do that again. I’m going in there from now on calm as you like. I’m always confident. I just got myself too excited for the last one.”

You’re not someone who likes to leave it in the hands of the judges. I believe that’s the second time you’ve gone the distance, from your amateur career to now professional. How valuable do you feel getting that cage time is?

Connor Wilson – ” It was good to get the three rounds under my belt. My opponent was tough as nails. Most people would have been finished after the two loads of big shots that he took.”

You started the fight switching stances, several feints, level changing, and as the round pushed on, looking for the leg kick which had Jack’s leg swelling fast. What was the initial game-plan going in there in the opening round and where the leg kicks something you’d worked on and hoped to implement straight from the get-go, or was that instinct and possibly seeing the opening there?

Connor Wilson – “I didn’t have a set game plan, just an idea of how the fight will play out in there. I have loads of tools so I just like to mix it up.”

The fight with Jack was so fast-paced, with no time for rest with constant back and forth action. Going into the third round, how exhausted were you due to all the grappling exchanges and clinching, and did you believe you were in front at that stage? What’s the mindset when walking out for the third round?

Connor Wilson – “I was f***ed but I knew he was feeling it as well, and that I had to push on. It was some fight that.”

You were ahead on the scorecards at the end of the third. Tell me how tight that submission attempt was from Jack and how much danger were you actually in? What pushed you thought to survive that?

Connor Wilson – “It was tight for a second, but I think he was too tired to finish it when he wrapped it up. I just said to myself, I am going to sleep before tapping.”

Having some time now to reflect and evaluate your hard-earned victory. How do you view your overall performance? Is there anything in there that you were disappointed with or anything you were pleased with? What lessons did you take away?

Connor Wilson – “Yes, of course, you’ve got to evaluate every fight, or you’re not going to pick up on your mistakes, and that has cost me fights in the past, stupid mistakes.”

Next-Gen has been on the map recently, with Paddy and Molly securing massive wins in Vegas and the boys representing on Cage Warriors. Talk to me about the atmosphere in the gym at the minute with everyone pushing each other and competing all across the country and worldwide?

Connor Wilson – “The gym is flying. It has been since I joined in 2015. The improvements have been crazy in that time, but this is only the beginning. We have the potential to have UFC fighters in every weight class.

Talk to me about the whole experience of fighting on Almighty FC in Liverpool. How happy were you with the show and can you see yourself on an Almighty card in the future? As I know Ray has plans for Liverpool regularly. 

Connor Wilson – “Almighty was a boss show, well ran an always love fighting in Liverpool in front of everyone.”

Lastly, 2-1 as a pro, a hard-fought win. What do you want next in an ideal world, and is there a time scale you want to get back in there?

Connor Wilson – “I’ll get another one before the end of the year. I am already back in the gym, so just going to wait and see.”

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