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Almighty FC 19: Joe Fields Interview

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Only a couple of weeks ago, Almighty Fighting Championship returned to the Olympia in Liverpool for the first time since before the pandemic.

Almighty FC 19 was a show to remember, with 22 blistering battles inside the cage. Amateur fighter Joe Fields displayed another stunning performance with a knockout punch only one minute and 20 seconds into the first-round over Jake Grundy.

Fields possess some exceptional power in his right hook, and he proved it only a month before, where he finished Harry Kenworthy in only 51 seconds at Almighty FC 18.

The only defeat of his amateur career came almost two years ago. At the age of 20, Fields is looking to showcase his talents a little bit longer before moving on to become a professional.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Fields after his victory at Almighty FC 19.

The Interview

So, Joe, another impressive showing against Jake Grundy at Almighty FC 19, how impressed were you with your performance?

Joe Fields – Yeh, I was impressed and happy with the performance. It went as I expected with all the work I’m constantly doing to improve my overall game.

That right hook is proving to be deadly, as we’ve seen with your last three finishes. Are you always looking to finish the fight as early as possible?

Joe Fields – I’m not looking to finish the fight early. If you try and force it, you are less likely to get the finish, so I just go in there and try and win every element of the fight, and the finish comes.

Previously to this fight, you only fought last month. How was training leading up to this one with only five weeks to rest and prepare?

Joe Fields – Preparation wasn’t ideal because I damaged my hand on my last fight, so I couldn’t do everything I’d like in the lead-up to a fight, but your rarely 100% in MMA. I just did what I could, and it was enough.

With you previously competing in flyweight, is the bantamweight division where you are looking to continue your career for now?

Joe Fields – I’m looking to have a couple more at bantamweight as I don’t cut much weight to it, so it allows me to fight more regularly, but I will be moving back to flyweight before turning pro to test how I feel doing a proper cut.

You’ve had five fights with Almighty now. How much do you enjoy competing with the promotion?

Joe Fields – I massively enjoy working with Almighty Fighting Championship and Ray Thompson, who manages me. It’s always professionally run. I believe it attracts one of the most significant viewings in amateur and pro-UK MMA.

I’m always interested to find out where and when did you find your love for martial arts?

Joe Fields – I first found my love for martial arts when I was 4. I used to watch the ultimate fighter with my dad. My favorite fighter was Chuck Liddell, and ever since I watched it, I wanted to do it. So, my two sisters and I started at 4, and I’ve trained ever since.

You’re now five fights deep in your amateur career. Do you have any plans on going pro soon, or are you taking your time with the process?

Joe Fields – I do have big plans to turn pro, but when the time is right. I want to win some titles and get more time in the cage, which has been cut short due to quick finishes. I’ll look to turn pro when I’ve had around ten fights, I think, but I’m not rushing the process; I’m only 20.

Do you have any plans for when you want to get back into the cage?

Joe Fields – I’m looking at getting back in the cage In February hopefully, let some injuries heal and develop my skill set until then.

Finally, did you enjoy a nice celebration after your victory?

Joe Fields – I did, my mates and I went out in Liverpool, and it was a good night. The best part was by far the takeaway, though.

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