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December Return for Mark Ewen

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The Lancastrian Suite in Gateshead was the home for Almighty Fighting Championship 20. The fans got exactly what was promised, with the UK promotion producing another brilliant event.

It was the third showing for Almighty FC in 2021, with two more events coming before the year’s end. Almighty FC 20 was filled with British talent from amateur to professionals.

Scotland’s Mark Ewen was a stand-out performer who produced a stunning elbow to finish his extremely tough opponent Tom Mullen.

After a close first-round, Ewen stepped up the pace and poured his wrath all over Mullen in the second. He started to catch Mullen with numerous shots, and an elbow was the final weapon Ewen used to crumble his opponent.

Ewen stayed undefeated, he’s now two wins in two in his professional career, and he’s looking to make it three before 2021 ends.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Ewen after Almighty FC 20.

The Interview

So, Mark, congratulations on making it 2-0 in your professional career. Have you had time to watch your fight back? If so, what were your thoughts on your performance?

Mark Ewen – Yeah, mate, I’ve watched it back a lot, tbh, I think it was a very clinical one. I did exactly what I set out to do, overload him with fakes, attack the body and legs and eventually overwhelm him and get the finish.

After you caught Mullen with a couple of nice shots moments before the finish, did it run through your mind that this was your best opportunity to finish the fight with under a minute left in the second round?

Mark Ewen – No, I knew it was coming in that round. I told my coach in between the rounds that I would finish him this round. I felt the energy change, my shots and pressure were too much, and I could see his demeanour change after a few exchanges in the first and the fact he couldn’t get me down.

The devastating final shot was a ruthless elbow from yourself, how well does it feel to finish a fight in the impressive way that you did?

Mark Ewen – Aww, it was terrific, and for it to be the first elbow I threw, and he dropped like that.

Do you feel you perform better under pressure? As your first two professional bouts, you’ve been in a hostile environment and came out on top?

Mark Ewen – I definitely perform better under pressure, but the crowd and the environment never get to me. I’m unfazed, cool, calm, and collected at all times until the job is done.

You have a ton of backing from your Scottish fans. How important is the support for you from back home??

Mark Ewen – I am incredibly grateful to everyone that supported me prior, who came to watch me or tune in and watches the stream. It means a lot.

Mullen seemed a tough competitor, and you really released your wrath on him in the second round. What are your thoughts on him as a fighter?

Mark Ewen – I think Tom is an excellent fighter. He’ll go on to do very well, and I knew this going into the fight. Thanks to him for bringing the best out in me.

You only had around a month to prepare for the fight after coming off your first victory. Talk to me about the recovery from your first fight and the training ahead of this one?

Mark Ewen – I came out of the first fight unscathed, so it was straightforward for me to get right back into training for Tom, there was no rest.

What’s next for Mark Ewen? When are you looking to get back in the cage?

Mark Ewen – December, you’ll see me fight again this year. I’ll round the year up 3-0. With another outstanding performance, they’re only going to get better as I continue to get better.

Finally, how did you celebrate your victory?

Mark Ewen – Celebrated it with friends, family, and loved ones.

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