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With the 2021-22 NHL season coming up, there are some truly exciting moments in hockey that could come through. While we all wish that we could watch every single game, here are the ones to mark down on your calendar as important dates you won’t want to miss from the Carolina Hurricanes. A full schedule of when the Carolina Hurricanes play can be found on the Hurricanes website.

New York Islanders @ Carolina Hurricanes: October 14th 2021

This is the big one for the Hurricanes, their home opener, where they look to welcome fans to a full capacity arena for the first game of the season after a long time where they were unable to and had to play irregular seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The game will unveil the Hurricanes lines for the coming season, as well as being a point in which the team looks to pick up some all-important points to open the season in a strong fashion.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers: November 6th 2021 (A) & December 27th 2021 (H)

The Florida Panthers are a team that looks to be a Stanley Cup contender this coming season, as they have appeared to be a strong team in the preseason, as well as last season. The Panthers and the Hurricanes will also not face off against each other much this season, as the two teams play in different divisions where last season they faced off in the same division and came one after the other in the division standings. This meeting could be truly important, as it is one against a Stanley Cup contender, that could show that the Hurricanes can still come out on top in the new season.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Tampa Bay Lightning: November 9th 2021 (A), March 22nd 2022 (H), March 29th 2022 (A)

The Hurricanes and the Lightning face off against one another three times during the season and you won’t want to miss a single showing. The Tampa Bay Lightning are pushing to be the first dynasty team since the 1980-83 New York Islanders. This would be a historic moment for the Lightning, and they will look to snatch as many points as they can throughout the season to make this possible. These games will ultimately look to be quite interesting, and fans can most certainly look forward to these games throughout the season.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Columbus Blue Jackets: October 10th 2021 (A), January 1st 2022 (A), January 13th 2022 (H), February 25th 2022 (H)

The Hurricanes and the Blue Jackets are division rivals since the old Metropolitan division, as these two teams are the only holdovers from this old division and still look to face off viciously against one another. The two teams are clearly fierce rivals as they look to continually battle one another, as well as having a fair few fights when they meet on the ice. Overall these teams always put on quite a show, and no fan of the Hurricanes or the Blue Jackets would ever want to miss this match-up.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Seattle Kraken: November 24th 2021 (A) & March 6th 2022 (H)

While the Hurricanes and the Kraken only face off against each other twice, both fixtures are filled with stories as the Seattle Kraken face their inaugural season in the NHL, and no one fully knows what to expect from them in terms of possible performance and competition. The story between these teams is a new battle that has yet to be seen, and could lead to a fair few stories as both teams will look to pick up points for very different reasons, the Hurricanes for another shot at the cup, and the Kraken for their very first ever shot at it. Overall, these two games could be some largely interesting ones to watch during the season.

While every game in the season has its merits, these are certainly the ones that no one would want to miss, as the Hurricanes take on some fierce rivals, start new stories, and open their season to a world of possibilities that they hope may lead to the most coveted prize in Hockey. Overall, Hurricanes fans can look forward to a season of intrigue, goals, and plenty of battles to shoot for the top of the rankings.

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