The Best 2021/2022 NHL Matches

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The 2021/22 NHL Season is set to be one of the best yet within the sport of ice hockey, as there are a number of key matches to look out for on the schedule over the next few months.

Of course, the Tampa Bay Lightning will begin their defense of the Stanley Cup once again for the second season in a row, however they will be in a position to celebrate a home opener as champions for the first time this year. Indeed, those who decide to bet on the NHL and have the current reigning champions as favorites will be pleased with the chances the team has, according to the odds provided at Unibet.

Additionally, there is also a lot to celebrate about for Seattle Kraken, as the new expansion franchise will be able to play in their first season in the League; which happens to be the 105th season of the competition.

Clearly, there is plenty to already get excited about for the NHL 2021/22 season, but these are just some of the matches that are set to take place out on the ice over the course of the next few months that should really be looked at closely!

Pittsburgh Penguins at Tampa Bay Lightning

As mentioned, this season could be the first time that the Tampa Bay Lightning are able to have a home opener in front of their fans as Stanley Cup champions after they were unable to celebrate their success in 2020 with their fans in attendance.

The match will take place on October 12, and with the Lightning one of the favorites to win the competition again, they will want to ensure that they start on a good footing when they take to the ice.

Seattle Kraken at Vegas Golden Knights

October 12 is going to also be the same day whereby the Seattle Kraken play their very first NHL game. The team has already made sure that they are stacked with talented and experienced individuals, including two-time Stanley Cup champion Yanni Gourde and players such as Mark Giordano and Chris Driedger.

Their match is against the other newest franchise in the league and could be a real challenge as the Vegas Golden Knights have gone on to reach the NHL Playoffs in each of the four years they have been in the league since 2017.

Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs

October 13 will see a rematch from one of last season’s playoff contests, as Montreal Canadiens travel to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Of course, the Canadiens managed to overturn their 3-1 deficit by winning three straight games and advancing, which is likely to leave the Maple Leads wanting exact revenge in the first of the four games that will be played between the two sides in the regular season.

Vancouver Canucks at Seattle Kraken

The Vancouver Canucks will have the honor of being the very first team to visit Seattle Kraken in a regular-season NHL game on October 23 and this is going to be a game to watch as it is also a game that will feature two sides geographically close together. This should help to create a rivalry between the two sides in the future, whilst also showing just how well supported the new expansion side is!

Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens

Arguably the biggest NHL match on the schedule for the 2021/22 season is the Stanley Cup rematch between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Whilst the two teams will play a series of three matches, the first will be held on December 7 as both franchises return to the same division for the upcoming season.

In the Stanley Cup, the Lightning had managed to win within five games as they won 4-1, but the Canadiens will not want to suffer a repeat of the same kind when they meet in the regular season. Naturally, there is a lot of hockey still to be played between now and then, but December 7 is a date that should be marked already.

St. Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild

New Year’s Day will provide fans with the 2022 NHL Winter Classic that will feature the Minnesota Wild and the St. Louis Blues after an unavoidable delay. The game will be the second outdoor game to be hosted by the Wild and it will be against their Central Division rival.

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