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Glory: Collision 3 Has Its New Main Event

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GLORY: Collision 3 on October 23rd, 2021 has a new main event it is to be headlined by the blockbuster heavyweight title fight between Rico Verhoeven and Jamal Ben Saddik.

GLORY has been scouring the heavyweight division for a main event-worthy fight after the withdrawal of Alistair Overeem on Wednesday of this week and they have found their man in the giant Jamal Ben Saddik.

The change in the main event has had several implications on other fights on the card the heavyweight battle between Jamal Ben Saddik and Benjamin Adegbuyi, has now been altered to Adegbuyi vs Plazibat, and the original opponent for Plazibat, James McSweeney now takes on another former UFC veteran Gokhan Saki.

Changes to Collision 3

The new event layout which is subject to change is as follows:

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