Best Bets For Week Five of the 2021 NFL Season

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It took us four weeks of grinding, but we are over the .500 mark and in the green for the season. Last week I went 4-1 on my article picks and 5-1 with my additional Twitter pick. Follow me on Twitter @Slimeaction to make sure that you stay up to date with all my picks.

For the season, I am now 10-9 and +13 units since I switched to the 5u/3u system. However, just like one bad week does not define you as a bettor, neither does one good week. While going 5-1 last week was great for my confidence, we still have 14 weeks left to increase upon our winnings.

When looking at the Week Five board, I noticed the spreads of the games are already much, much sharper. This makes sense because just as bettors are recognizing certain edges that can be capitalized on, so are oddsmakers. As the oddsmakers adjust, it’s paramount for bettors to stay ahead of the curve and adjust as well. While last week was great for me, I can not allow myself to get comfortable.

My goal is, obviously, to stay hot and continue to win bets. Without further ado, let’s take a look at my best bets for Week Five of the 2021 NFL Season.

NFL Week Five Bets I am Playing:

3U New Orleans Saints -1 @ Washington Football Team -110

I finally hit my first bet on Washington this season. After incorrectly reading my team the first three weeks of the season, Washington’s ugly, yet somewhat poetic, victory against the Falcons proves this team does not have it together yet. I was happy to see my wager win, but I am still unsettled by their performances each week.

While it pains me deeply to bet against Washington, I think the Saints are the correct side. For starters, Sean Payton and Ron Rivera are familiar with each other from their matchups in the NFC South and Payton is the better coach. The Saints are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Giants at home and should be motivated to get a win.

As a fan, I will gladly accept a Washington win and a loss on this wager. While I do see an angle for Washington to win this game, I also see a scenario where the Saints are simply the hungrier and better-coached football team. I got this line early and it already is up to Saints -2.5. I’m going with the positive CLV while also trying to eliminate bias.

3U Jameis Winston O 7.5 Rush Yards -105

I did not have a player prop bet for the Washington game last week, so I still sit at 3-0 on the season on these types of bets. While Winston has not rushed the ball at all lately, I think he will have plenty of opportunities to scramble during this game. Washington’s pass rushers generally rush past the QB, so if Jameis has to step up in the pocket a few times, he’s athletic enough to rush for eight yards on one carry.

3U Two Team 6 pt Teaser – New York Jets +9/New England Patriots -2.5 -110

The Jets will be taking on the Falcons in London on Sunday morning, and after their huge win vs Tennessee last week, I think the Jets continue to improve. The Falcons have limited weapons available on Sunday and the Jets pass rush is underrated. For the Patriots game, it’s simple: Bill Bellichek vs a mediocre rookie QB and a subpar head coach. Even with COVID issues, the Patriots win by a touchdown.

3U Two Team Teaser Washington +8.5/New England Patriots -2 -110

Ahhh, I could not resist. While it is not ideal to be betting on opposite sides of both games, I am trusting my gut here. I do not think Washington has what it takes to beat the Saints this week, but I do think we keep it close. I am doubling down on the Patriots since I think the head coaching edge is insurmountable for the Texans.

Week Four: 5-1

Season: 10-9 +13 units

Thanks for reading about my best bets for Week Five of the 2021 NFL Season. For more content follow me on Twitter @slimeaction and follow @OTH_Football.

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