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Texans 3 Keys to Victory over Patriots

The Houston Texans fell to 1-3 last week with a 40-0 loss at Buffalo. With the Patriots coming to town this Sunday, how can Houston turn their season around?

1. Defense has to not fall apart

The Texans" defense this season if you watch closely starts off doing well, but as the game progresses, they slowly start giving up yardage to the point of them losing the game. As shown in the previous two weeks, they"re getting no help from their counterpart on offense, so they are very much needed as of late.

However, luck just may be on their side as the Patriots also have a 1-3 record and have struggled this season as well. They have a rookie quarterback in Mac Jones that Houston"s defense can get after early and make him make mistakes


2. Fix the Offensive struggles

Ever since Qb Tyrod Taylor went out with an injury in week two, this Texans offense has struggled mightily. Rookie Qb Davis Mills has not been good, it"s a huge difference in how the offense plays when he"s in control. The Texans had a total of four, yes four, total yards of offense in the first half against Buffalo.

Mills threw four interceptions last week against Buffalo, something he needs to fix if the Texans are going to have any chance later this season. On the bright side, Tyrod Taylor could be activated later this week for the next matchup against the Colts, and wide receiver Danny Amendola will be active for the game against the Patriots.

3. Stop being predictable

The Texans have shown they can be easily figured out offensively, which is never good. They like to run the football often, to a point in which their offense can be shut down in general. They like to run the ball typically on first and second down, thus putting them in an obvious passing situation on third down.

The Texans need to really shake things up, with two great receivers in Brandin Cooks, and Danny Amendola they need to throw more often, and not when it"s most obvious. If they can do this, they"ll be able to stay in games because defenses would have a hard time slowing them down.

Final Thoughts

The Titans lost last week, which helps Houston"s case for a potential division title, but they can"t win the division if they can"t win games. With their next two opponents not being too great record-wise, they will need to get these wins going into the toughest section of their schedule.

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