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Seattle Kraken Name Giordano Captain

The Seattle Kraken have named their first captain and alternate captains in team history. This is a monumental moment in history for the team, as they are one of the fastest expansion teams in history to have named a captain.

The First Captain of the Kraken: Mark Giordano

Mark Giordano, one of the most experienced players on the team, and former captain of the Calgary Flames for eight seasons. The veteran player has some amazing achievements under his belt, including a Mark Messier Leadership Award, as he was deemed to be one of the best captains in the league in the 2019-20 season. Overall, the player has had some amazing performances, and during this preseason he has looked strong with his new team. The Seattle Kraken really couldn"t have chosen a better captain to start their organization based on the players they got in the expansion.

Giordano could really set a good example in his leadership position, as the Kraken has a lot of young players that could use some veteran talent to train them to the level of an NHL player. Historically, he has also been able to put up a fair few points, putting up 74 points in his best season in the NHL, an amount that could be envied by a forward, let alone a defenseman. The Kraken are in good hands with this player as their captain.

The First Alternate Captains of the Seattle Kraken

Yanni Gourde is another of the veterans in the newly formed team and has always been a multitool for whatever team he plays for. If you put him in a forward position, he will put up points and will stop the opposing team from being able to. The 29-year-old has two Stanley Cups under his belt with the Tampa Bay Lightning and has made his intention clear that he wants to win another one. This player is a clear pick for the alternate captain position, however, with his current health status, the player likely won"t get to wear the ‘A" until he makes a full recovery.

Jordan Eberle, following the theme of veteran talent as alternate captains, is an accomplished veteran who can put up a fair few points. However, the real strength of this player is his ability to stop the opposing team from putting up points and motivating the rest of his team to do the same. In terms of leadership ability, while he hasn"t worn a letter on his jersey since his time with the Edmonton Oilers, he has still shown that his ability to motivate his teammates is top-notch, and he will look to continue to do this while training the young forwards to play both ways on the ice.

Adam Larsson, the youngest of the alternate captains for this team, and has some achievements to his name, as well as having served as an alternate captain for the Edmonton Oilers before his departure in the expansion draft. While the player certainly still has time in his career, he is still considered at the cusp of becoming a veteran. Overall, the player has plenty to give to the newly formed organization, as well as helping to train the young players in the organization in their defensive capabilities.

Jaden Schwartz, the final alternate captain of the team, is a solid playmaking forward. The player has served as an alternate captain before and has been good at motivating his teammates regardless of if he is wearing an ‘A" or not. The player can also assist in teaching the young forwards how to play the defensive and offensive aspects of the game as a strong two-way forward. The real mark of this player is that when the time comes for it, he will stand up for his teammates whenever something happens, making sure that the player is okay, and always ready to take someone on in a fight if it is required.

Overall, the Kraken look strong ahead of the season and seem ready to compete at a high level in their inaugural NHL season. The Kraken has a lot of depth in leadership and can rely on these players to keep the team motivated as they face some tough competition in their division, while still hoping to make a playoff push with the talent they currently have. For our first impressions on the Seattle Kraken Roster, and other Kraken news, stick around on Overtime Heroics Hockey.

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