Cheap Seats Chatter: Playoff Recaps, Predictions and Rebuild Mottos

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Another episode of Cheap Seats Chatter is now live on Spotify. Join the CSC crew as they discuss the biggest stories and news in all of baseball.

The MLB playoffs are underway, so Alex and Mathias joined up to talk about the compelling matchups fans have seen so far as well as seeing the stories that have risen from the remaining teams.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Playoff Recaps and Previews

Going back to the Wild Card matches, the playoff games this year have been quite intriguing and have provided more than their fair share of drama.

With only five teams left in the bracket, there are no more surprise teams left and each one has a chance of taking the title for 2021. With only one game left before the start of the League Championship Series, the Dodgers, Giants, Braves, Astros, and Red Sox are primed for the final stretch.

Cheap Seats Chatter: The Art of the Rebuild

Every great success story usually starts with being at the very bottom and working their way up to the top. In baseball, it is no different. Teams that want to make it to the playoffs will often try a complete rebuild going down to the bare bones and work their way up. However, the method of how this is accomplished is up for debate.

The Astros made their way to the top by tanking for years to acquire top draft picks and build them up to be stars with timely free agent signings to follow. For a few years, Houston was the laughing stock of MLB but got the last laugh as they have made the LCS five straight years.

There are other methods to build a team but each method has its own level of risk and reward. While the best methods are not known, the fact of the matter is that every year, one team does win the World Series. Teams must do what they can, so their name can be etched into baseball history.

All of these topics and more on this episode of Cheap Seats Chatter. Listen in on Spotify for all episodes of Cheap Seats Chatter past and present.

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