Defiant Canelo Alvarez Flexes His Muscles, Never Going To Fight Golovkin, Andrade

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Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is on top of the world and he’s certainly not afraid to let the world know it.

Recently, in two separate interviews, the Mexican, four-division world champ superstar and current WBA/WBC/WBO super middleweight titlist, let it be known in no uncertain terms that he calls the shots when it comes to the big fights he takes.

Two of the most common future opponent names brought up to him by media are middleweight titlists Gennady Golovkin and Demetrius Andrade. Alvarez faced the former twice, drawing with him on their first meeting and then decisioning him in the second. Andrade, meanwhile, has been stalking Alvarez for years now, going so far as to barge into the Billy Joe Saunders post-fight press conference to call out the Guadalajara native.

Alvarez, who harbors ill will for both fighters, shot down the likelihood of providing a payday to either.

“He’s a horrible fighter,” Alvarez said of Andrade during an interview with Brian Custer on The Last Stand Podcast. “I’m never going to fight with him. He hasn’t fought with anybody.”

Also, in an interview for ESPN Deportes, Alvarez stomped on the idea of ever revisiting his rivalry with Kazakh KO machine, Golovkin.

“I am ready for everything,” Canelo said.

“I am ready for everything, I am ready to make the best fights. You [media] hang on to that [the Golovkin trilogy fight]. I’m doing more important things than him. Where is he? What has he done since he fought me? Nothing.

“I am doing other important things in my career. Beating champions, undefeated fighters.”

The bad blood with Golovkin has been well documented. Pushed into the bout after a couple of contentious years of being called (directly or indirectly) a coward and “ducker,” Alvarez’s draw with “Triple G” was widely criticized as a hometown Las Vegas decision for him. The rematch was put off due to Alvarez testing positive for the banned substance clenbuterol. And while Alvarez served a suspension, Golovkin and his team were brutal in their public criticisms of him as a “dirty” fighter, even going so far as to say that they thought he was using performance enhancing drugs in their first encounter. When the Alvarez-Golovkin rematch finally did happen, the fuming Mexican came into the fight more aggressive, taking the fight to Golovkin and earning a proper decision win.

Alvarez’s history with Andrade is less contentious, but not any friendlier. Canelo appears to see Andrade as more of an annoyance who, by invading his press conference and bugging him personally, earned a spot on his stubborn no-fight list.

At this point in his career, as the biggest draw in the sport and as a promotional free agent, Alvarez can pretty much call all the shots when it comes to his opposition. That means that if a potential foe pisses him off enough and in the wrong way, he just may freeze him out of the picture altogether. That appears to be what has happened with both Golovkin and Andrade.

As for who Alvarez WILL fight, well, that bout is already signed for November 6 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He’ll be facing IBF super middleweight titlist Caleb Plant in a contest that will determine the 168 lb. division’s first-ever fully unified, four-belt world champ.

Plant, by the way, has probably enraged Canelo as much as Golovkin or Andrade with accusations of being a drug cheat and some salty language that resulted in a nasty pushing/punching match at their first press conference. The difference is that Plant holds the IBF belt that Alvarez needs to unify the division. So, he’ll bite the bullet and toss him a payday.

The Mexican, however, vows to punish and stop the Tennessee native for his transgressions en route to the “easy work” victory.

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  • Johnny says:

    Canelo is a paper champion. Always fights the guaranteed to win fights and never what the public wants. He doesn’t want a 3rd triple g fight because he knows he can’t be bought. To me, ggg won the 1st fight and the 2nd. Why put the belt on the line a 3rd time right. It’s amazing how all canelo opponents forget how to box when he gets in the ring, yet before canelo, they fight hard and hit harder than they ever would against canelo. Can’t play the blind eye on this guy anymore. Get hom a pair of balls and let Julio Ceasar Chavez show him how to be a real Mexican fighter!

  • Don Bielaski says:

    I think canelo is right he’s an incredible boxer and he can choose who he wants to fight

  • BMack says:

    Alverez will never be as great as the greats go by refusing to fight people for bullshit petty reasons, wanna shut em up, then fuck em up in the ring. Fight everybody if you’re truly the greatest drug cheat coward… oh ( my bad)

  • Pancho says:

    Canelo is full of shit. Fight the top competition or shit up.

    • Frank Lopez says:

      Canelo says hes ready everything but really hes not he hasnt fought anybody since Triple Ggg mr G hurt him thats why he wont box him again to him boxing is not a sport to him it a running sport from the real boxers he just boxes European boxes that we dont know here in America where the best boxers are Arriba.

  • Madizm says:

    Canelo is a bitch

  • Shaq says:

    Cowardly cement feet No Cojones DuckNelo fears getting Big Boy Mayweathered schooled and dominated by super athletic and very slick undefeated 2 weight class Boogeyman Champ Andrade and he absolutely knows DAT and we know DAT TOO AND THAT’S WHY HE ABSOLUTELY FEARS THE TASK OF FIGHTING THE BOOGEYMAN THAT HE HAS NIGHTMARES ABOUT EVERTIME HE CLOSES HIS FEARFUL EYES

  • Frank Lopez says:

    Mr. C Alvarez should give triple G the 3rd fight just like Mr. G gave him a shot for his belts so he can get them back so this time he’ll be ready to get them if canelo does not do this how in hell can he get them boxing is a sport in which who ever is a good boxer should box canelo triple G aren’t getting any younger boxing commision should be the ones who boxes who not the boxers.

  • Frank Lopez says:

    Boxing commision should schedule the fights not the promoters much less the boxers just like the NFL and the NBA then we will see who really are the better boxers. Thats all peace.

    • Frank Lopez says:

      If Mr. TRIPLE GGG didn’t give Canelo a shot at his belts at this moment Canelo wouldn’t have those belts so just because good boxers challenge Canelo that get him supposibly pissed he then makes them wait or dont box them he lets time go by so he can fight Eurpean boxers to make himself look good and take their belts meanwhile the real boxers are waiting but no Canelo takes his time to me thats not a true champion everybody deserves a shot. Thats all I got to say about that

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