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New York Islanders Extend Ryan Pulock

 As the fresh ink dries on the new Islanders contract extension for Ryan Pulock. Ryan will be able to play eight more seasons in a New York Islanders sweater. Per- @Darren Dreger “Hearing the New York Islanders and Ryan Pulock agreed to an 8-year extension. Just under $50 million total.

Ryan Pulock Extension 

This contract via 2022-23 to 2026-27 contains a No-Trade Clause with an annual cap hit of $6,150,000 per season of the 8-year contract. From 2027-28 throughout 2029-30 season has a Modified No-Trade Clause. 

By the end of this 8-year contract, the Islanders are hoping that he and Adam Pelech will remain key cogs going into age 36 while Islanders develop prospects like Bode Wilde and other prospects like Samuel Bolduc alongside Robin Salo. 

Theoretically, that eight-year extension buys more time for those defensive prospects not only to develop but hopefully pan out to be very serviceable players on defense. 

Projected Performance

Having looked into Ryan Pulock"s total points per season throughout his 290 plus career games. The Islanders offense is looking at a 280 point average outcome of future productivity. Another aspect of Ryan"s game is that he has amassed 491 points per 290 and 138 blocked shots on average. In plain English, this means the shots that would"ve been on the net would be, nullified under Ryan"s defensive instincts.

Over 8 years Islanders fans could be witnessing around 1,111 total blocked shots. Over the next 8 seasons, Pulock can average 135 hits per season looking to achieve 1,080 hits over that new contract. For Islanders fans, this means a lot of tight-knit scoring and goalie battles, and lots of body sacrificing playing defense.

Goals wise Ryan has been a safe bet topping out at 10 goals, but assists he goes no higher than 28 assists. Over an 8 year contract, Pulock is looking at 75 goals during that span. During that eight-year span, 26 assists is the baseline average looking at a potential gain of 208 assists. 

Possible Awards To Win

Ryan Pulock has been in the Lady Byng and Norris Trophy hunt before. The biggest question Ryan like any other Islanders player would love to hoist Lord Stanley"s Cup. As Ryan is either already on a playoff team or chooses to waive his no-trade clause during that time frame Pulock has the right to choose which deal he can approve of to increase his odds. 

Win Now Mode

With the current age of the New York Islanders roster, the time is now to try and win The Stanley Cup. Per CapFriendly.com the average age of the Islanders defense is 30.1 years old on average, and the offense is 28.8 years of age. Some of the forwards are veteran forwards that are on 1-year bridge deals and another key cog forwards is 3 to 5-year deals.

It"s hard to figure out who the New York Islanders and other NHL teams can handle an 82 game season under this endemic. The additional variable would be how will Coach Trotz keep the band going and trying to get the Islanders to a playoff spot and go all in or nothing before their playoff window shuts down.

Extension and Conclusion

Yes, it"s a nice payday for Mr. Pulock for a guaranteed eight seasons. Although Pulock is an excellent defenseman now the longer-term future seems pretty risky. This could be a similar situation to current teammate Andy Greene when he was in New Jersey. Andy Greene was coming off a contract where he was slowing down speed-wise, and the wear took a toll on his body. So if a GM decides to mutually part ways during Pulocks middle of the contract it"ll be a lot easier to move him while he is 31 to 33 years of age and still has some prime left in his career.

The bottom line is this contract is a good contract for Ryan Pulocks camp. It is also a bit scary for a team like the New York Islanders to handle the years 5 through 8 if the team decides to mutually move on from him during that time to better improve the team.

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