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Connor Hughes: Undefeated and Deadly

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Almighty FC produced another fantastic show on their return to Liverpool last month. In the co-main event at Almighty FC 19, Connor Hughes executed the rear-naked choke to find the second win of his professional career.

Hughes came out all guns blazing, landing a few early significant strikes on his opponent Aaron Gray. This was a case where the referee could’ve stopped the fight with Hughes looking inches away from the finish after landing several strikes.

He worked and worked for the finish inside the first round and after three minutes and four seconds, he found the first submission of his career. His first fight was finished one minute earlier, as he now sits 2-0 with a 100% finishing rate.

Hughes has a well-rounded skill set and he’s going to be showing off his talents when he returns to the cage next month in the UK Fighting Championships. He’s facing Marcin Zembala on November 27th at UKFC17, where he has recently signed a three-fight contract.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Hughes after his win at Almighty FC 19.

The Interview

So, Connor, 2-0 now as a professional, have you watched your fight over again? If so, what are your thoughts on the performance?

Connor Hughes – Happy with the performance, showed I’ve improved my overall game and becoming more well-rounded as a martial artist.

Do you feel the referee should’ve stopped the fight before you found the submission, as you caught him with a few punches before he dropped and you laid into him on the ground?

Connor Hughes – I’ve heard a few people say the fight could of been stopped earlier, looking back he did take a few unanswered shots but I’ve got to keep going until the ref pulls me off.

Two first-round finishes for you so far in your professional career, are you one to bide your time and wait for the right moment in the fight, or do you always want to finish the fight as early as possible?

Connor Hughes – I’m never really looking to finish or waiting for the right time, I don’t want to force my work. I go in with a game plan in mind, read reactions and let it all unfold, I just think now in the pro ranks I’ve got more time to suss people out and find the gaps.

If I’m correct, that’s the first submission of your whole career, how did that feel?

Connor Hughes – First submission of my career yes, I am happy yeah because I think a lot of people just saw me as a striker coming into MMA but like I said, I’m showing improvements in all areas where I work hard religiously to get better.

Do you feel losses in your amateur career have developed you into a better fighter now?

Connor Hughes – 100% the amateur losses made me better, look back at my amateur career, and what fight was an easy fight? I fought top-ranked amateurs or on positive winning records for this, to get the best experience possible for when I became pro and now I think you’re seeing the experience and lessons I’ve gained from them.

I see you have a fight booked for November 27th in the UK fighting championships, when did you find out you’ll be competing in that one?

Connor Hughes – I knew I would be fighting on UKFC 17 before this one was done, they already approached me about it and with 10 weeks between the two, coming out with no injuries it made sense. I like to stay active so if I can fight and I’m healthy then let’s go, I’m a fighter who likes to fight.

What are your thoughts on the Almighty fighting championship as a promotion, will we see you back there?

Connor Hughes – Almighty is one of the best UK shows in my opinion, Ray has always looked after me whenever I’ve fought on there, it’s always a stacked card and always delivers so yeah one of the best I’ve fought on.

Finally, how did you celebrate your victory over Aaron Gray?

Connor Hughes – To be honest I’m not much of a big drinker or party animal, I like to just chill with family and friends and just take it all in.

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