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Adam Wallace: Interview Ahead of BFC 1

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We are approaching fight week for the birth of the British Fighting Championship, which goes down at the Middlesbrough Sports Village on October 23rd. The Middlesbrough-based promotion is hopeful the show next week will be the first of many.

The card consists of twenty exciting bouts. The main event on the night consists of a matchup between Anthony Prior and Mark Jones. The co-main event features Umakhan Ibragimov who fights out of the well known Manchester Top Team and is looking for his third straight first-round victory when he meets Ben Doster.

Several Scot’s make the trip to North Yorkshire to compete in enemy territory on October 23rd. One of them is thirty-one-year-old Adam Wallace, who makes his return to the cage after a long haul of inactivity. Wallace meets Ryan Spivey on fight night and is hopeful of securing a win and getting his career back on track.

I had the pleasure to catch up with Adam Wallace to get his thoughts on his upcoming fight.

Interview with Adam Wallace

You’re returning to the cage after a long period of inactivity, how are you feeling ahead of your bout on BFC 1?

Adam Wallace – “I am indeed. It’s been three years since my last fight, which was also my debut. I feel good, sharp, and strong at this weight, but I would like to be back at my original weight of bantamweight next time round. I gained a bit of weight over the covid era and got a bit on the fat side, so I had to accept a fight at featherweight this time round. But the weight change doesn’t phase me. I’m ready to get back in there and put on a show.”

Talk to me about the lay-off. Are you worried the time away from training and competing may play a factor on fight night, or has the lay-off benefited you in terms of resting and resetting?

Adam Wallace – “I took a bit of time to focus on the mental side of things. I just wasn’t myself. I was taking fights then bottling it, so I noticed that to get back in there, I had to get my head sorted first. So that’s what I did. I took time away, and now I feel re-energized and focused. The time out shouldn’t play a factor, don’t get me wrong, the nerves have kicked in, but I feel excited I’m raring to go. I’ve learned of different ways of coping and thinking. Yes, I’m nervous, but why shouldn’t I be? I’m getting in there with another killer who is looking to take my head off, but I also know he will be nervous. He will feel that fear, so f**k it, let’s go.”

You told me previously that your mental health is in a great place, which I’m incredibly pleased to hear. How difficult was it for you to try and fit everything into life, as well as training, competing, and dealing with your struggles? When you look back at that now, does that give you an incredible feeling of pride and strength that you can take inside the octagon with you at BFC 1?

Adam Wallace – “100% mate, I am more proud of myself now than I have ever been. Looking back at the past few years since only starting training just over three years ago, so much has happened, from our son being born prematurely to losing family members. Then you’ve got your mental health struggles going on at the same time. Things were wild. I was winging it. I was going to training, then staying at the hospital with the child, then swapping with my Mrs the next day to go back into training. I was getting nowhere near enough training. I knew that myself. But I was getting enough in to feel confident enough to take my debut fight, which I went on to win by decision. I played it safe the entire fight, but I was proud to have even gotten the win considering the personal circumstances. But these are different days. My head is focused. I’ve battled those demons, and it’s time to get back in there and prove my worth.”

You mentioned promoters not giving you a second look anymore after dropping out of fights regularly. Are you looking at this as an opportunity to gain some trust and validation back from promoters across the country? Are you hopeful of showing them you’re in a much better place and ready to get back to doing what you love?

Adam Wallace – “That’s the plan. I messed up several times with many promoters and lost contact with many decent guys through it. I’m not going to make excuses. What’s done is done. Luckily enough, I have gotten the chance on the British Fighting Championship. The promoter, Steve, is a brilliant guy and has kept in contact with me throughout everything. But as I say, that’s the plan. Hopefully, after getting back in there next week, I can show everyone that it’s all in the past, and I’m back. Hopefully, at that point, some promoters might give me that chance again. I want to stay active. I want to get back in there again asap after next weekend, so it would be good to get those chances back.”

Your opponent on the night at BFC 1 is Ryan Spivey, who makes his amateur MMA debut. Going back to the inactive spell you’ve had, does it give you a sense of comfort knowing that this will be Spivey’s first fight as opposed to you taking on an active amateur on your return?

Adam Wallace – “I wouldn’t say it gives me a sense of comfort. Whether it’s Spivey’s debut or whether he’s had 50 fights, the man is another trained killer and wouldn’t be making the walk if he wasn’t ready. So I don’t look at that too much. I also know he’s competed in the Ultra MMA event for charity which I did when I first started training. He has made a walk to the cage. This is a whole different ball game: smaller gloves and no shin pads. Kicks to the head and ground and pound are all included, which aren’t allowed in the ultra mma events. Not to mention the atmosphere will be phenomenal. But no, not at all. We will both feel the nerves on fight night, and may the best man win.”

On the conversation on your opponent, with no footage, no previous fights to watch back, he’s a blank canvas. How do you prepare for somebody that you perhaps know nothing about?

Adam Wallace – “There was one video of him on Youtube when he competed in the charity fight that I spoke about before. So I’ve seen a bit of him. I won’t take too much of it into consideration as it was a few years ago, but I know he doesn’t want any piece of my ground game. We had a bit of a verbal exchange on social media last week, to which he referred to the ground game as cuddling. He said I don’t have the guts to stand in the middle with him, which makes me think he wants to keep it standing, which excites me. I have been working so hard on my hands. I would love nothing more than for him to run full pelt into one of my right hands. I know he’s hitting that canvas if he eats a clean shot. Sorry did I say right hand? My left hand is also dynamite. He’s pretty much f***ked, and this is the confidence in me talking. In no way, shape or form am I looking through him because all it takes is one punch in this game, but I honestly just don’t see him beating me. I hit harder. I’m going to be more technical on the night. I can wrestle the life out of him, not to mention that Scottish heart in me. I just can’t leave that cage with anything other than a win simple as that.”

For people that have never watched you compete. What can we expect to see from Adam Wallace at BFC 1?

Adam Wallace – “This time around, you can expect a full-out war, two men going to battle and one man coming out with that win. I’m looking to put on a clinic. But let’s not forget Ryan will be looking for the same thing. This is going to be a night of beautiful violence.”

Not looking past your opponent off-course, if victorious and un-injured. What do you want next? Are you looking to stay busy? How often are you looking to compete now you’re back.

Adam Wallace – “I’m looking to make that walk and dust off the cobwebs, then stay as active as possible. It’s coming up for Christmas. I’ve four kids here to put smiles on, so daddy’s got a lot of work to do.”

Now you’re back, in a better place and ready to rock. What’s the goals for you within MMA at this stage?

Adam Wallace – “I’m thirty-one now and only started training just over three years ago. So I’m a late starter in the game, so I’ll see where it takes me. I’m happy to get in that cage and do something that I love its probably a bit late for me to start shooting for the stars in my journey, but let’s see what happens. Let’s see what I can make of it.”

Lastly, can we get an official fight prediction from you ahead of BFC 1? How do you get it done?

Adam Wallace – “I’m going to go for a stoppage in round two. I’m not going to rush things. I’m going to stay calm and composed, pick my shots and play my game. I want to showcase my stand-up game, but if the wrestling is needed, it is there.”

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    Why don’t you publish how Adam Wallace bottled fighting once again… he missed weight by an entire stone over 14 pounds. The opponent which is myself still took the fight on despite this and he didn’t even bother turn up on the day ignoring and ghosting the organisation he was fighting for and me haha! The mans a bum who only does this for social media. British fighting championship have told me he has been blacklisted in the U.K. from MMA which is good news for wasting peoples time like myself, my coaches, my friends & family whom all travelled a long way. I’ve already had numerous matchmakers in Scotland messaging me telling me the organisation should have never let him entertain himself…

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