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Emil Meek Signs with ARES, Debut Announced

The Valhalla Army has begun their journey, as their favorite son Emil Meek has found a new land to pillage, this time it will be ARES Fighting Championship.

We found earlier this year that Meek (9-5) was one of the UFC names that was to be cut from the promotion, and having not seen Meek compete since his loss to Jake Matthews in February 2020 many wondered if, when, and where? we would see Meek next.

It has now been announced Emil Meek has signed a rumored one-fight deal with France’s major MMA promotion, it is believed that Ares wanted a multi-fight deal but Meek opted for just the one.

ARES Debut

Meek will make his debut for ARES against former UFC fighter Thibault Gouti (1-5) on December 11th, 2021 in Paris, France.

ARES will have on their hands one of Scandinavia’s very best and most famous fighters, being their first Nordic signing the opportunities are endless.

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