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Almighty FC 20 Interview: Callum Mullen

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Another standout performer on Almighty FC 20 was the undefeated featherweight, Callum Mullen. After a battling two rounds, with only 21 seconds into the third round, Mullen submitted Alex Bodnar to make the rise to (4-0) in his professional career.

Both fighters stood at (3-0) before the fight, and Mullen did everything in his power to take the zero away from Bodnar. Mullen was inches away from the submission on several occasions before he found the guillotine in the final round. He is a menace on the feet, as well as the ground, with three knockouts in his first three fights, before securing his first pro submission against Bodnar.

The Englishman had a brilliant and worthwhile amateur career, ending his amateur record at (9-1). His final fight before turning pro was for the Cage Warriors Amateur Featherweight Championship. A first-round rear-naked over Mark Smith secured him the third belt of his amateur career. The two others coming in UK Fighting Championships and Full Contact Contender.

A title shot is next for Mullen, as it’s recently been announced he will be competing for the first-ever pro featherweight title in Almighty FC. Remember the date, 19th February, Almighty FC 23 in Barnsley, Mullen faces Nic Pirogan, who also boasts a record of (4-0).

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mullen, as he discussed his most recent performance and his future in Almighty FC.

The Interview

So, Callum, first of all, I want to say congratulations on the win, what a fight it was! Have you watched your fight back, if so what are your thoughts on your performance?

Callum Mullen – Thank you, yes I have watched the fight back it was a good challenging fight it was good to go 3 rounds and get cage time. I have learned a lot from that fight and can’t wait to showcase the improvements already in the next fight. Each fight I learn more about myself.

Numerous times in the fight, you were close to a finish, what were your thoughts on Bodnar? We’re you surprised he lasted through the choke attempts and ground & pound?

Callum Mullen – Alex was tough as they come I thought I had him a few times but he was a great opponent with experience and he managed to find a way out, which made the fight even more exciting.

You’re a well-rounded martial artist, fast on the feet and the ground. With three knockouts in your first three professional fights, we’re you glad to get the submission this time around?

Callum Mullen – Yes I’m over the moon I got the submission. I’ve been working very hard with my coaches at Aspire and Mataleao Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the hard work is paying off since turning pro I only had knockout finishes and I’m glad I got the finish by sub.

Bodnar was undefeated before the fight, does it feel good to take someone’s zero and even better to stay undefeated yourself with a 100 percent finishing record?

Callum Mullen – Yeah it was just good to fight a fighter who is at a good level and experienced. I think with us both being 3-0 it looks good and especially that we have both fought good guys to get our record like that not just padding them.

When you returned to Almighty FC 20, you hadn’t been in the cage for two years. Has it been tough being able to find a fight, and how have you felt training through the pandemic?

Callum Mullen – During the pandemic, we had a lot of issues with police raiding gyms, etc but we just carried on doing our thing. We ended up training outside and keeping the momentum going. When it got to winter it was a little harder but we all kept fit and travelled to numerous gyms.

It was your first appearance for Almighty, what’s next for yourself? Will you be fighting there again and when do you plan to be back in the cage?

Callum Mullen – Yes I will be definitely back on almighty. The promoter looks after fighters and also what’s to promotor them and pays decent compared to other local shows, I think it’s a well ran show. Ray has just put me on the main event slot for the title in February against another good opponent.

Finally, how did you celebrate your hard-earned victory?

Callum Mullen – After the fight, I went away on a little break with my wife and just got back training but it’s been nice to not be on a strict diet and can eat and bulk up again.

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