Floyd Mayweather Trudges Through Hypocritical Pro-Kyrie Irving Stance

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Floyd Mayweather, freedom fighter? Yeah, right.

Just two days after turning a kid away for a selfie (on a video shared by TMZ) at Saturday’s Clippers-Grizzlies game in Los Angeles because “You got painted nails, I don’t take pictures with guys with no painted nails,” the former 5-division world champ hopped online, playing the role of freedom fighter in support of anti-vaccine mandate NBA star Kyrie Irving.

“Why is it when someone decides to do something differently from what we are told, it is right we condemn them? Condemn them for making a choice, choosing to be free, choosing to not conform to the norms society tells us to conform to,” Mayweather wrote, Monday, on his verified social media accounts, without the slightest hint of self-awareness.

In the lengthy– for him– diatribe, the tragically clueless and desperately status-conscious Mayweather would toss in how “sad” it is for people to be “hated, punished, teased, and discriminated [against]” for their personal life choices and how “respect” should be offered to “everyone who makes their own choice and chooses liberty!”

Again, Mayweather wrote all of this (or had a ghostwriter write all of this) without the least sense of irony that it came just two days after he rebuked and condemned someone, precisely for “making a choice”…choosing to “not conform to the norms of society”…”doing something differently from what we are told.”

Kyrie Irving, of course, is the Brooklyn Nets guard currently benched for his decision not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 per New York City mandate.

Although Irving insists that his choice is not a political stance or, necessarily, one against the vaccines, his public plight has touched off a firestorm of controversy, preyed upon by politics-minded provocateurs and anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists. Those two groups converged on Sunday in a violent protest prior to the Nets’ game against the Hornets at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center under the pretense of a “Let Kyrie Play” movement.

It should be noted, though, that while Irving has been trying to walk the fence and declare this as a “personal choice” issue, he’s a well-established conspiracy theorist who, in the past, has come out with his belief that the world is flat, that man never visited the moon, and other odd nuggets of misinformation– all admittedly informed by “watching a whole bunch of Instagram videos.”

One can only assume that the vaccine stance taken by this self-described “smart-ass individual” has similarly been marinated in the black waters of dimwit social media fake-science.

And one can also safely assume that Mayweather– who had previously been smart to keep his public ponderings to things he knows about, like boxing, boasts about how rich he is, and flapping stripper butt cheeks– is likely even more poorly-informed than Irving.

The “no vaccine” stance from guys like Irving and Mayweather is poorly informed and, ultimately, not really about “choice” at all. It’s about dumb people who selfishly choose not to do what has been firmly established as the right thing to do in the face of a worldwide pandemic that has killed more than 620,000 people in the United States, alone. It’s a selfish choice made by people, in the particular cases of Irving and Mayweather, who feel well protected by their own athlete-level immune systems and access to the best medical care their money can buy and who couldn’t care less about anyone else not as fortunate as them, with whom they may come in contact. Their stance is not about choice at all, it’s about privilege.

And how do we know that this is about privilege and not choice, at least when it comes to Mayweather? Because, based on how he treated that kid just two days prior, we know that Mayweather doesn’t really respect any other person’s choices but his own.

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    Are you freaking kidding me with this headline?
    Here’s a couple wealthy sports figures that are actually thinking for themselves and encouraging others to think for themselves, and you push this gaslighting headline?
    Get the [expurgated] outta here.

  • Teresita Victoria says:

    FMJ is a hypocrite

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