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The culmination of the 2021 MLB season is here, with the World Series set to start tonight. The Houston Astros return to the Fall Classic for the third time in five years, having won in 2017* and fallen in 2019, with both series going the distance. The Astros look for a more legitimate World Series title after the 2017 championship was tainted in the fallout from their sign-stealing scandal.

Atlanta, meanwhile, returns to the World Series for the first time since 1999. The Braves won five pennants from 1991-99, with a World Series title in 1995, but had a 22-year drought without a pennant, despite making the postseason 12 times in that span.

Houston searches for their second World Series title (2017), while Atlanta aims for their fourth championship (1914 in Boston, 1957 in Milwaukee, 1995 in Atlanta).

With the Fall Classic upon us, we assembled a dozen of our writers and editors here at Overtime Heroics Baseball for an impossible task: trying to predict baseball. Or more specifically, to predict the outcome of the World Series.

Some writers chose to go a little more in-depth with their picks, others were more succinct and to-the-point on their picks. Regardless, the consensus seems to be pointing towards a Houston championship:

Who Will Win the World Series?

Houston Astros: 9 votes (69%)

Atlanta Braves: 4 votes (31%)

How Long Does the Series Last?

6 games: 9 votes

5 games: 3 votes

7 games: 1 vote

4 games: 0 votes

Why Do You Think Houston Will Win?

Jeff Griffin (Houston Astros): The Astros are the most experienced team in the postseason. They have an offense that can turn it on like a switch. Astros in 6

Kegan Crawford (Houston Astros): Houston has the best offense in the league and I don’t see the Braves stopping them. Astros in 6

Sam Kauffman (Chicago Cubs/Editor): Just a gut feeling Astros in 5

Mathias Altman-Kurosaki (New York Mets/Editor): The Astros on paper are one of the best teams in baseball. Even without Lance McCullers Jr., their starting pitching has been able to hold strong outside of games 2 and 3 of the ALCS, and their bullpen has been fantastic. Their offense scored the most runs in MLB in the regular season and has continued to fire on all cylinders in the postseason. Most of their wins haven’t even been close, as they’ve outscored their opponents 67-46 thus far. While the Braves have had a great run, it’s hard to envision them getting past this juggernaut. Astros in 6

James Valentinas (Chicago Cubs/MLB): Better offense and the pitching came to life in the past few games Astros in 5

Eric Garfield (Baltimore Orioles): Houston’s veterans have played well in the postseason and you have to think they’re itching for an opportunity to quiet their critics. That motivation is tangible and has to deal with Atlanta’s momentum, which is why I chose 7 games. The offenses, defenses, pitching staffs, and strategies make for an unexpected but closely matched series. Astros in 7

Wyatt VanDyke (Seattle Mariners): Houston has a deeper lineup offensively. Players like Correa, Altuve, and Alvarez will more than make up for the gap in quality that exists between starting pitching between the two teams. Atlanta may have a rotation that’s a little hotter right now, but Houston should be able to cool them off. Also worth noting that the Atlanta sports curse is still yet to be broken. Astros in 6

Tony Pruscino (New York Yankees): The Houston Astros have experience in this position and I feel the team will use that to their advantage Astros in 6

Adam Hulse (New York Yankees): Deeper line up and more postseason experience Astros in 6

Why Do You Think Atlanta Will Win?

Justin Oosterwyk (LA Angels): I think the Braves win it all because of how hot their offense is currently. Their starting staff is significantly better and having veteran Charlie Morton in the rotation will give the starters confidence. Braves in 6

Stephen Leonardi (Baltimore Orioles/Editor): After struggling with inconsistent play and injuries to begin the year, the Braves finished the regular season as one of the hottest teams in baseball. Meanwhile, while Houston’s pitching has been a very pleasant surprise in October the Braves veteran hitters, led by Freddie Freeman, are able to capitalize on Houston’s youth. After dropping the first game and two of the first three, the Braves battle back and take the series at home in Game 6. Braves in 6

Andy Borders (Chicago White Sox): The Astros are playing well but could very well be missing some key pitchers. The Braves will have Max Fried and Charlie Morton ready to roll. If Atlanta can steal a game in Houston and I think they will, I expect them to hold serve at home. I think the key to the series is the 1st two games. Braves in 5

Alex Clark (Cheap Seats Chatter): The Atlanta Braves are playing with a chip on their shoulder larger than the hole Ronald Acuna Jr. left when he got injured. This team has faced such adversity the whole season and is too far to not see it all the way. Plus the offense is very overpowering and they can take advantage of a weakened Astros starting pitching staff. Braves in 6

Who Will Win World Series MVP?


Yordan Alvarez: 4 (Kegan Crawford, Sam Kauffman, Eric Garfield, Wyatt VanDyke)

Carlos Correa: 2 (Jeff Griffin, Adam Hulse)

Jose Altuve: 1 (Tony Pruscino)

Alex Bregman: 1 (James Valentinas)

Kyle Tucker: 1 (Mathias Altman-Kurosaki)


Freddie Freeman: 3 (Stephen Leonardi, Andy Borders, Alex Clark)

Charlie Morton: 1 (Justin Oosterwyk)

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