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The 2021-22 regular season is underway, and although it has just started there are a few teams that have looked quite impressive.

Before the season started, it’s fair to say most NBA fans would have picked either the Los Angeles Lakers, the Brooklyn Nets, or the Milwaukee bucks to go all the way.

This year, the NBA season doesn’t feel that predictable, there are so many questions around all the favorites. Will the Lakers and Russell Westbrook make it work?

It isn’t the most natural combination but there is a saying that great players make it work. Westbrook has looked better game by game in the Lakers’ offense but only time will tell if they can achieve an NBA championship.

The Brooklyn Nets also may go the season without Kyrie Irving, who is a crucial part of what makes their offense so great. Can James Harden and Kevin Durant go all the way without Irving?

The Milwaukee Bucks had a great run last year, which of course resulted in them winning a championship. However, their run to the finals wasn’t as difficult as it is looking this year.

The Nets team was riddled with injury, and the Heat is significantly stronger this year, as is the rest of the Eastern Conference.

Can the Bucks run it back if they face an injury-free Nets, this new-look Miami, or the stronger teams in the East?

Sports betting online sites would most likely have those three teams as the favorites. What if you want to be bet on an underdog? Here is the team that is the dark horse of the NBA that you should look out for.

The Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are a problem. They have a big chance of being involved in big conversations at the end of the regular season.

The Bulls are 4-0 so far in the regular season, but we should add some context to this record. They have only played the Detroit Pistons, the New Orleans Pelicans, and the Toronto Raptors.

They aren’t dark horses for beating these ‘great’ teams, they are dark horses because of what we are seeing from the team they assembled.

Trading for Nikola Vucevic last season, showed real intent from the front office that they want their franchise competing.

Then you add Lonzo Ball to the equation at point guard and create a well-balanced ‘big three’. They didn’t stop there and signed one of the best free agents available in DeMar DeRozan.

Of course, there are other great pieces on the roster in Patrick Williams, Alex Caruso, and the injured Coby White. Their roster could use some strengthening but when you have four all-star caliber players, you can definitely cause damage with the way their team is set up.

Yes, Ball is not an All-Star…yet.

Lonzo Ball is a good defender, who will only keep improving on the defensive end. He is also a good 3-point shooter.

He’s 43.3% from three so far, of course, that will go down naturally but it still shows his ability from beyond the arc.

It wasn’t too long ago, the great Magic Johnson said: “There’s no guard in this league, point guard, whose basketball IQ is higher than Lonzo Ball.” 

He is a pass-first point guard which is perfect when he is playing with two elite scorers. DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine.

DeRozan has one of the best mid-range games in the NBA, is great at attacking the basket, and is also a good playmaker. He is someone who makes his teammates better whilst also getting his own buckets.

Not to mention, he is a reliable player in the clutch.

Of course, the Bulls also have LaVine. Their superstar and best player.

He is an elite scorer, comfortable scoring in so many different ways. He has a great mid-range game, he is great at attacking the rim and finishing.

He is also a great 3-point shooter and can create his own shot with ease.

LaVine is a superstar, ready to prove it in the playoffs. He is the player that will make the difference and help the Bulls cause an upset.

The Bulls are going to win a lot of games this year with him leading the way, they are a team that will be favoured on basketball betting lines but this dark horse conversation goes beyond that.

The Bulls are very capable of surprising people in the playoffs. Their roster can be improved of course, but it is still strong thanks to the stars in the starting lineup.

As time goes on the Bulls will get better, it takes time to develop chemistry. It is only a matter of time before they start to pick up impressive wins.

Highlights of the Bulls’ great start to the season

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