What Has Gone Wrong for the Texans?

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The Texans dropped their sixth game in a row on Sunday, and the schedule is not getting any easier anytime soon. What has gone wrong?

Offensive Struggles

If you have watched the Texans at all this season, you have noticed a significant change in their offense. Before quarterback Tyrod Taylor suffered a hamstring injury in Week Two against the Browns, the Texans had a really good offense. Ever since starting rookie QB Davis Mills in place of Taylor, the offense has been horrible. It feels as if the Texans run the same game plan out every week and hope for the best. For example, they run the ball so often that when they roll out a passing play it is obvious as to what they’re doing that it never works. This was evident in Sunday’s 31-5 loss to the Cardinals.

Let’s be honest, you know your team is bad when the only offensive highlight you had this week was a field goal. However, the Texans do play a struggling Rams defense next week and Tyrod Taylor is expected to practice this week and be back on the field, so there is lots of optimism.


The Texans defense was actually good this week. Aside from giving up 31 points, they were able to put pressure on Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, as well as get a safety (sack in opponents own end zone) and an interception. This Texans defense is still a work in progress.

As per usual, Houston’s defense started out great but slowly decreased in ability. The Cardinals offense did not really score a lot until the second half, which is not a bad thing for the Texans considering that Arizona was, and still is, undefeated.

Next week, the same defense will have to contend with Matthew Stafford and the explosive Rams offense next week. So unless they can step up, expect another blowout.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, the Texans are not good. The upside of this, however, is that they will get a higher draft pick later this offseason that they can use to get some much-needed help. With QB Deshaun Watson trade rumors becoming more of a reality, the AFC South side could end up with more picks this year and next year, so the rebuild will not be too long.

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