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Mike Perry and BKFC, A Match Made in Hell

Mike Perry is consistently one of the most polarizing figures in the MMA world. Love him or hate him, you are aware of the fact that his chaotic attitude fits into the combat sports space pretty easily. Sometimes you laugh with him, sometimes you laugh at him, and sometimes you cringe and wish to yourself Perry would relax a little.

Hilariously enough, you can say almost everything I just said about Mike Perry and apply it to BKFC as well. Let me clarify my relationship with BKFC. I watch every now and then, but I will never buy an event. Watching these shady ass fights already makes me feel dirty enough, there is no shot in hell I would ever give the people putting those fights on my money. It’s pretty easy to find a stream though so I will 100% be tuning in to watch Mike Perry.

Mike Perry Signs With BKFC

He has already proven to be a ticking time bomb in his time with the UFC, and BKFC has proven to everyone they don’t really give a fuck about anything. This combo is bound to lead to some ridiculous moments. The tail end of Perry’s UFC tenure was crazy enough, and they at least make an effort to be professional (most times). So rather than focusing on what will likely be a tragic conclusion I want to jump to conclusions about what the ride is going to be like.

This is like throwing a Molotov cocktail at a gas station. The only thing I can say for certain is that there is going to be a noticeable disaster. I feel like no matter how his fights go Perry is going to be off the rails 2 fights in. If he loses you’re probably going to see a lot of back and forth between him and Twitter trolls, which is always fun. If he wins you’re going to see some of the funniest post-fight behavior of all time.

Hector Lombard already dished out some sweet chin music to a random dude in the ring after a fight and as far as I know, he faced literally 0 consequences. If that just flies under the radar then I can only imagine what the hell Mike Perry is going to do while riding high. We could easily see Perry fighting some guy’s coaches after brutally finishing him. This is only the in-ring/on TV stuff I’m on right now. As Mike Perry once famously stated in a UFC post-fight interview “I’m just tryna wild out”. Wild out he did, and if he gets paid over here I am sure he will wild out again (this is usually when it stops being funny).

I obviously don’t know him personally so I don’t know exactly what a night out with him is like, but based on what I gathered from news stories/viral occurrences throughout the years it is probably scary and not fun for anybody within a 100-foot radius. Keep your eyes on your socials though, because I can tell you, whatever happens, will probably end up there.

So strap in because we’re in a speeding car headed towards the edge of a cliff. The ride is going to be electrifying and possibly hilarious, but there is only one way this ends. I guess just enjoy the ride? We’ll probably see Perry vs a fan at some point. Probably multiple fans. Maybe we get a post-fight brawl that takes us back to the days of Coleman vs Shogun or one of the multiple scraps incited by Nick Diaz. We’ll certainly get some wild interviews. I should probably be clear that if I had it my way Mike Perry would get his life together while also remaining hilarious. I don’t wish bad shit on somebody for the sake of entertainment. I want the best for Mike Perry, I just don’t think that signing with BKFC is that.

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