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The Haunting in Atlanta

‘Tis the season of Halloween upon us. And there is nothing spookier than ghosts.

Baseball is haunted. It may be the only sport that takes the supernatural into account when playing, and we can see that with the frequent player and fan superstitions. The game is alive and has a conscious soul in a way that no other sport does. Most importantly, baseball ALWAYS evens the score one way or another.

Disturbing the Dead

On January 22, 2021, the world was made a worse place by losing the life of Hank Aaron. The All-Star game was anticipated to be even more special in Atlanta by honoring the life and legacy of an irreplaceable human being. And then, the Braves were betrayed by MLB. I would bet anything in the world that this upset the ghost of Hammering’ Hank.

I will not reiterate details and my thoughts about the 2021 All-Star Game relocation, because I have been very open about my opinions on the matter since July. But how on Earth does the 88 win Braves, who spent most of the season treading water for second place, manage to beat the 95 win Brewers and 106 win defending-champion Dodgers to waltz into the World Series? With a little help from an angel in the outfield with a score to settle with Major League Baseball.

I am not joking, I genuinely believe that had the All-Star Game been left in Atlanta, the Braves would not be competing in the World Series right now. If you ask me, Hank Aaron in heaven was disturbed by MLB throwing the Braves organization and its fans under the bus and made sure to make it up to Braves nation. The karma is too on-the-nose to be coincidental. Like I said, the game ALWAYS evens the score one way or another.

“Why Are You Making This About Politics Again?"

I am not. Major League Baseball and the players union did. I am just pointing out the elephant in the room.

I would even argue the symbolism of the Braves in the world series even goes one layer deeper. This miracle run is happening in the same year that the Indians announce they are surrendering their Native American-inspired identity (which I learned during a trip to Cleveland, fans are absolutely not happy about). The Braves, being the last standing Native American-inspired brand in MLB, have excelled after the Indians surrendered. Do I think this is a coincidence? How could you even ask me that?

What Does the Crystal Ball Say?

I have no idea if the Braves are going to win the World Series. That is not for me to decide. If the film “Angels in the Outfield" is scripture, then Hank Aaron cannot help in championships, he can only get them there. Who knows what happens in the next week and a half, but I know exactly how the Atlanta Braves got in this position.

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