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Almighty FC 20: David Larmour Interview

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We are a month out from a thrilling event in Gateshead, England, as Almighty Fighting Championship made the Lancastrian Suite their home for the night.

Almighty Fighting Championship 20 was just one of three events Almighty FC promoter Ray Thompson has put on this year, and not to forget, two more action-packed fight cards on the horizon.

Ayshire Hit Squad fighter David Larmour was one of several Scotsman among the action on the night. Larmour made his amateur MMA debut and cruised to an impressive first-round submission victory over Luke Dermott.

I had the opportunity to catch up with David Larmour to get his thoughts on his debut.

Interview with David Larmour

Fresh of an excellent win in Gateshead at Almighty FC 20 last month. Talk to me about the whole experience on the lead-up and among the madness of making your MMA debut?

David Larmour “It was an unbelievable experience. I recently moved down to Newcastle for work, so I trained between two gyms, Ayrshire Hit Squad, and The Fish Tank. I would travel down to work on Monday each week, training at TFT, then travelling home on Friday for a weekend of training at AHS. It was pretty full-on, but it worked out well for me as it allowed me to train with loads of different fighters with different styles. I was focused on the fight, and I couldn’t stop thinking about being in there.”

With it being your MMA debut, how were the emotions and nerves in the lead-up to the fight, or did you not put much pressure on yourself considering it was your first fight?

David Larmour “It was good to have a fight confirmed finally, and being on a show like Almighty FC made it all the better. I was supposed to fight earlier in the year but had to pull out due to an injury. Going into the unknown, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I had put everything into preparing for it. When fight day came, I didn’t feel any nerves. I just felt ready to show what we had been working on and get the win.”

Sticking on the topic of making your MMA debut, tell me a bit of your background competing (If any), how long you’ve trained for, and the decision to go down the route of making your debut in MMA competition?

David Larmour “I most recently competed in the Scottish BJJ open at white belt, where I took a silver medal, losing only by points in the final. I started training several years back with Marcos Nardini BJJ / Lycans Jiu-Jitsu before joining Ayrshire Hit Squad to focus more on MMA. I’ve always been a big fan of combat sports, and I wanted to challenge myself in the cage, so it was only fitting that I put my name forward to be matched.”

The team at Ayrshire Hit Squad seems to be doing exceptionally well as of late, picking up wins/medals across all disciplines within combat sports. How is the atmosphere in the gym at the minute? Does seeing your teammates have success motivate you or put slight pressure on you to go out and perform also?

David Larmour “We are a relatively new team which is a testament to the coach, Neil Laird. He works just as hard as every one of us. The gym is absolutely buzzing, and everyone has that same winning mentality. Everyone works for each other as a team, and seeing your mate win is just as good as getting that win yourself. It motivates me, but I wouldn’t say I feel any pressure.”

You wouldn’t have thought that was your debut. You looked comfortable and composed throughout and took close to no damage. A very well-rounded win. How did you feel in there yourself, and how pleased were your coaches with you?

David Larmour “I felt comfortable and in control throughout the fight. I thought the fight was over much quicker than it was. To hear there were only 30 seconds left was a bit of a shock. My coach and team were happy with the win, which took us to 8-0 for the year after almost two years without any fights.”

Ahead of the bout, what was the game-plan for Luke Dermott? or was there no game plan, perhaps to go in, enjoy yourself, and display everything you’ve been working on inside the gym?

David Larmour “There was no game-plan at all as it was both our debut fights. I just focused 100% on myself and what I do best. We worked our arse off for this one and when the fight came I just wanted to get in there, put on a show and enjoy it.”

When you visualized this fight prior, in honesty, did you ever think it would be a first-round sub, or were you anticipating a knockout? Did it come as any surprise or just feel natural?

David Larmour “I saw the fight end however I wanted it. I knew that I could finish the fight anywhere, so it didn’t phase me whether we stayed standing or went to the ground. I was ready for it all, so when I saw the opportunity, I took it.”

Almighty FC is a show-making moves in the UK. A show many would love to have their MMA debut on, it sets a good tone and experience to remember. How did you find the show as a whole and the experience competing on the promotion?

David Larmour “It was a brilliant set-up and probably one of the best shows I’ve been to. Everything was utterly professional, including the PPV stream, which I managed to get a copy of. To have my debut on a show like that will be one to remember, and hopefully, I’ll be fighting on another one of their shows in the new year.”

You posted after the fight that you weren’t pleased with everything in your performance, showing that fighters are their most prominent critics, even after a round one win. Explain why you weren’t completely satisfied with the fight?

David Larmour “I wasn’t completely satisfied with how things went because I never got to show much of my striking, and I knew I had made mistakes in there even before I watched it back. I feel like I trained better than I fought on the day, but it gives me something to work on for the future. It almost felt like an anticlimax, but I can’t be too hard on myself, considering I got the win and came out without any damage.”

You’ve wasted no time getting back inside the cage. I believe you’re competing on Rise and Conquer in Sunderland? Was that fight booked already, or was that a fight you decided to take after the Almighty FC win?

David Larmour “Correct, my next fight is on Sunday the 28th of November at The Point in Sunderland, which is looking to be a sell-out. I already had this one booked because I told myself I’d have two fights before the end of the year. I never once thought about it until I had dealt with the first one, but now all my focus is on an improved performance and another win.”

If victorious in Sunderland in November, that shall put you in a solid position to close out the year, which I imagine you’d be pleased with. Leading into 2022, what’s your goals inside in the cage for that year?

David Larmour “I’m hoping to get as many fights as possible in the bag after some time off at Christmas. The more experience I can get, the better, so I’ll be looking to get my name on as many shows as I can manage.”

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