UAE Warriors 24: Major Takeaways

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UAE Warriors once again took over Jiu-Jitsu Arena in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

The card was broadcast via UFC Fight Pass on Friday, October 29th, and here are the UAE Warriors 24: Major Takeaways.

KB Bhullar Controversy

A path towards another UFC run was on the mind of KB Bhullar. Alas, errant timing on a knee halted the proceedings early and resulted in a DQ win for his opponent.

Tarek Suleiman had a level of success with the grappling and secured the back of Bhullar at one point for a rear-naked choke attempt. Bhullar was turning his fortunes around and secured a more favorable position. So as to utilize his striking tools. Suleiman is the reigning UAEW light heavyweight champion but was competing at 185 pounds in this prizefight.

Bhullar was being cornered by his Shaved Bears MMA teammate/ UFC heavyweight Tanner Boser who shared a video of the ending sequence.

A New Featherweight King Crowned

UAE Warriors now has a new holder of their 145-pound crown. Former UFC veteran Ali Al Qaisi advanced to 11-5 overall and extended his winning streak to three whilst collecting gold.

Al Qaisi has a pair of UAE Warriors wins bookending a Titan FC victory amid that streak. Much of the opening round was a feeling-out process. The second stanza saw The Royal Fighter begin to take over in the grappling exchanges with Lee.

The defending champion landed a solid combo in the third but the grappling of the challenger again set the tone for the round. After gutting through a rough groin strike in the fourth frame, Al Qaisi would eventually garner some gold after twenty-five hard-fought minutes.

Bantamweight Champion Retains in Round One

The bantamweight belt remained in the clutches of Vinicius de Oliveira. The titleholder choked out Sylvester Chipfumbu less than four minutes into the top of the marquee affair.

The contender was game in the opening minutes but the heavy hands and fluidity between disciplines lead to the champion notching his inaugural defense.

Don’t be surprised to see Vinicius de Oliveira in the UFC in the coming months. Members of the UFC brass had their eyes on the champ expecting him to show out and he more than lived up to expectations.

What do you think the biggest takeaway was from UAE Warriors 24?

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