UFC Referee Fired Mid-Card During UFC 267

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If you’re watching the UFC 267 prelims you just saw what is potentially the worst referee alive at work. Vycheslav Kiselev could actually be the worst ref across all sports. In the second round of the fight between Elizeu Dos Santos and Benoit Saint-Denis, Dos Santos started to pull away and beat the ever-living crap out of Saint-Denis (as is customary in MMA). What isn’t customary is the ref to allow a fighter who is no longer defending themselves to get treated like a punching bag.

The WOAT Ref

This referee Kiselev probably has “if he dies he dies” tattooed on himself and carved on his bed frame. There’s no way to emphasize how bad it is that fight didn’t get stopped. Even Yamasaki and Mazagatti would have stepped in to break that up. What a psycho. I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable to assume Kiselev could have made some type of wager on Saint-Denis, because after somehow not stopping the fight in the second round, Kiselev bizarrely took a point away from Dos Santos for an inadvertent nut shot. Usually, fighters get a warning for these types of things, but our boy Kiselev had different ideas today. Just insane.

We got good news at the start of the next fight though, DC and Felder announced that Kiselev not only was removed from the rest of the card but was actually removed from the entire building. This is hilarious and so appropriate, anyone would give anything to go be a fly on the wall in the room with him and Marc Goddard after that fight. You can only imagine the names Dana White is going to call this guy in his post-fight press conference. This is one of those insane situations that will give us some pretty darn good content for at least the duration of this week.

Another amazing detail in this insane story is that Kiselev has five pro MMA fights and he has lost all five by finish. I guess it’s possible that Kiselev just has general beef with MMA fighters because of his experience in the sport and has vowed to be the worst possible ref he can be. Fortunately for us, he tried it on too big of a stage today and he got kicked out of the building faster than a drunk 19-year-old in a New York City bar. Hopefully, we never see this guy again. The fallout was definitely worth a laugh, but bad refs are dangerous. Seeing somebody take extra damage is never a good thing and I hope Saint-Denis is alright.

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