Rhys Hoskins: Primed For A Bounce Back Season

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Back in late August, Phillies first baseman, Rhys Hoskins, had season-ending surgery on his lower abdomen ending his 2021 season prematurely. Hoskins was on pace for having one of the best seasons of his career. Hoskins’ success at the plate was a reason why the Phillies were having the success that they had. When Hoskins went down, the Phillies offense took a pretty big hit. The question is, can Hoskins bring back that big power bat after getting that season-ending injury? Hoskins has had his fair share of injuries in the past, so it would be interesting to see if he can do it again.

Career Numbers

In his short five-year career, Hoskins has been a good addition to the Phillies lineup. He was called up in 2017 and almost immediately made an impact in the Philadelphia lineup, he hit 18 home runs in 50 games. That alone was absolutely insane at the time. The following season is where Hoskins really came out into his own as the starting first baseman. He posted a .246 batting average, 34 home runs, 96 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of .354.

The next season Hoskins’ stats took a little bit of a dip. He didn’t have the certain success that he had the season prior. In 2019, Hoskins had a .226 batting average, 29 home runs, 85 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of .364. However, what really stood out this season is the number of walks Hoskins drew. He drew a total of 116 walks, to put that into fruition, Hoskins struck out a total of 173 times that season. The fact that even though Hoskins struck out more that season, he drew a significant amount more walks. It showed some sort of growth which is always a bright spot when you are looking for a young talented player.

Coming into the 2021 season, there were some high hopes for Hoskins. Due to his surgery, Hoskins only played a total of 107 games. In that span, he hit for a .247 batting average, 27 home runs, 71 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of .334. Missing almost a third of the season doesn’t help his stats, however, the idea that he was hitting the ball well in the 107 game span that he was playing in is a good sign. With the 52 games left in the season, Hoskins had a good chance to compete with the career highs that he already possessed from previous seasons.


The question still stands, can Hoskins make a comeback season after the season-ending injury? I believe the answer is yes. The time he will have to recover will be a while, and it shouldn’t have a huge impact on his play throughout this upcoming season. Hoskins is primed to come back and be one of the main pieces in the Phillies lineup.

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