The Impact of Jerry Remy

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This morning, Stephen Leonardi wrote a beautiful tribute to Jerry Remy. I, myself, wanted to take the time to write a little something from my perspective, the perspective of a lifelong fan of the Boston Red Sox. Even though I write about the Red Sox, and I am a fan, I do not usually write from the first-person perspective, and I always try to be as objective as possible. With the passing of the long-time Red Sox color man, Jerry Remy, it is impossible for me to not get emotional.

Remy Sounded Like Us

One of the most endearing aspects of Jerry Remy was his voice. Raspy, and regional to Massachusetts, he often miffed by the letter R and gushed about being traded to a team he grew up loving as a boy. If you’re a Red Sox fan, born and bred in Massachusetts, his voice sounded like yours, and he loved the team as much as you did. If you find yourself a fan, not from Massachusetts, but you love the Red Sox, then I hope Jerry’s regional dialect made you feel as if you were sitting next to him, right in Fenway Park.

We let Jerry Remy into our living rooms, we let him into our lives. We laughed with him, and his former play-by-play partner, Don Orsillo. We were there when he first told us he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008. We were there when cancer returned in 2017, and again with his fourth diagnosis in 2018. We were there on June 11, 2021, when he left mid-game due to shortness of breath. We were there on August 4th, when Remy announced he would be indefinitely stepping away from the booth for more cancer treatment.

The Beginning

Jerry Remy began his broadcasting career with New England Sports Network in 1988. I was born in 1989, so for my entire life, I only ever knew one voice. Until the 2016 season, I also only really ever knew the combination of Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo. In my lifetime there will never be another combination like Don and Jerry. The dynamic was generational. I do not know all the details of what happened between NESN and Don Orsillo, but I hope the higher-ups at NESN know and understand the mistake they made with not renewing Orsillo’s contract.

“Here Comes the Pizza”

Easily the most iconic of the countless Don and Jerry moments. I cannot really even explain the hilarity. Just click below and have a watch, you will not be disappointed.

Air Guitar, Anyone?

Jerry Remy was never afraid to make a fool of himself, and this moment before a game proved just how light and breezy he kept it before games.

The Happy Couple

Watch what happens when Don and Jerry cannot keep it together after witnessing a little inappropriate grab.

The Tooth Game

Jerry Remy legitimately lost a tooth while on air.

Remy’s Final Pitch

October 5, 2021, before the Wild Card Game against at New York Yankees, Remy threw out the ceremonial first pitch to his longtime friend, and fellow Red Sox broadcaster, Dennis Eckersley. Just 25 days later Remy would succumb to his long fight with lung cancer.

Jerry Remy was a part of our spring, summer, and fall. He was the best at what he did on air. There will never be another Jerry Remy. Red Sox fans, cherish the moments you let Jerry Remy into your life and be thankful for the memories.

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