Where Will He Go: Kyle Seager Free Agent Destinations

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The Hot Stove is on preheat as the World Series continues, but for Mariner fans, the future of a future Mariner hall-of-famer is very much in flux.

Veteran third baseman Kyle Seager’s contract expired at the end of 2021 and after comments made at the beginning of the season, Seattle declining his contract extension and a myriad of other reasons, his prospects of returning to Seattle are not looking strong. While not impossible, the moment Seattle gave to “Cap” during the final game of the season seemed to indicate a departure was imminent. 

When thinking about what teams are going to want Seager, the first thing to think about is what the pros and cons are that come with signing him.


The biggest pro when it comes to Seager is his leadership ability. Leadership is an intangible that General Managers and coaches search for constantly. Seager has always been known as a quiet leader in the clubhouse and is someone that veterans and rookies alike respect. “I’ve been here, Cap’s been here with me my three four years over here and I wouldn’t be in this spot here today without him,” said Mariner shortstop J.P. Crawford.

The value of a veteran is often underplayed when looking at talent. When teams are rebuilding or have a young core, a veteran who has been around the block that everyone respects is invaluable.

On the field, Seager may have lost a step, but has still performed at a strong level. In his 11th year, he hit for career highs in home runs and RBI’s. Defensively, he is not a liability and still can make the big play.


Seager’s age has started to show in recent years and his defense is not what it has been in years past. In the last four years, Seager has an average dWAR stat of .3, almost two full points below his gold glove year in 2014.

The biggest problem for Seager is the price tag on him. Over the last four years, Seager has made no less than $18.5 million. Teams will need to shell out the cash in order to earn the services of Seager.

Now that Seager’s advantages and disadvantages have been laid out, here are five places that look like good fits for Seager.

Top Five Destinations:

5. Chicago White Sox

One thing that Seager could be looking for is a contending team to help get deep into the postseason. The White Sox are in a weak division, so their postseason chances look strong for the foreseeable future.

Another benefit to this team is the young core. A young core needs good veteran leadership and Seager has proven that he can do exactly that.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers

This pick is purely for the chance to win a World Series. Los Angeles has shown they are willing to spend the big bucks for talent. Seager gives a good option at 3rd base for an already talented roster.

3. Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto is in a similar position to Chicago where they are a young team that just needs a little extra step to step out of a very competitive AL East Division. Positional need gives Toronto an edge in signing Seager as their infield is going to be hurting with the departure of Marcus Semien.

Seager can work with young kids like Bo Bichette and Vlad Guerrero Jr to help the core grow and mature to take over the A.L. East. The job will not be easy with teams like the Rays, Boston, and Yankees all on top of their game.

2. Any team that also signs Corey Seager

The Seager brothers are one of the most fun duos in baseball. Being able to stand on a baseball field is difficult enough, but being able to stand with your own brother is nearly impossible with everything that has to go right. The possibility of getting to stand on the same infield as his brother may cause him and Corey to become a “package deal” at least for one contract cycle to make history.

1. Seattle Mariners

To make this simple, Kyle Seager deserves to be paid to play in Seattle. Seager’s best qualities are being a strong leader, a mentor for younger players and being a serviceable third baseman. Which team needs all of those three things? The team he has spent the last decade with. Seager is still a perfect fit for Seattle with Ty France converting to first base.

Regardless of the ceremony that happened on the final day of the season, Seager still means the world to Seattle and its fanbase. Seager had to play through some painful years in Seattle, he is owed a postseason run with the team that he has helped to mold and build.

Regardless of where Seager ends up for the 2022 season and beyond, his impact on Seattle and this city will never be forgotten. From “Old School Seager” to the “Hawt Corner”, Seager has a mythos that will not soon be forgotten.

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