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Could We See Hasbulla Fight in the UFC?

A story we never thought we would be seeing. After gaining millions of followers across all of his social media platforms and meeting with Dana White in Abu Dhabi, could we seriously see Hasbulla fight in the UFC?

Hasbulla Magomedov rose to fame this year after he was nicknamed the “Mini Khabib.” At UFC 267, the Dagestani was given a front-row seat in Abu Dhabi, supporting his friend, Islam Makhachev, who picked up his ninth win in a row against Dan Hooker

UFC president Dana White was asked about him and what exactly he was doing there, to which White replied, “I don’t know if he’s going to fight, but we’re going to be doing something with him.”

This reply has left fans questioning the purpose of their meeting, with many supporters of the sport speculating that we could see a one-off fight between Hasbulla and his nemesis, Abdu Rozik.

The two both went viral after their ‘pre-fight press conference’ video showed the two trash-talking and brawling back in May of this year.

Since then, the two have regularly gone back and forth online with rumours of a fight in mixed martial arts apparently in the works, but no plans have officially been announced. As well as this, Abdu confronted Hasbulla at UFC 267 on Saturday night, with both having to be held back.

Since then, Asxab Tamaev, an MMA fighter who works with Hasbulla has claimed that Dana White is ready to help settle this fight inside the octagon. Tamaev has posted what he claims to be a DM from White who says, “can we do it somehow?”.

Some fans of the sport have suggested that it would be morbid to watch the two fight under official MMA rules, with both of them around three feet and three inches tall. However, there are still many asking for the UFC to get it done.

At this time, it feels unlikely that we will see Hasbulla and Abdu settle their differences inside the octagon, but if you’re willing to believe the rumours then don’t cancel the idea out entirely. We still aren’t sure what happened between Dana and the Russian in their meeting, so expect some news soon.

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