Another Armbar for Bellator’s Bates

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Bellator 268 produced a stunning night of fights. The light-heavyweight Grand-Prix finale is now decided as current champion Vadim Nemkov will meet Corey Anderson in the final showdown. 

The “New Breed” in Bellator’s bantamweight division Jaylon Bates is on fire right now, with his fourth win inside the promotion, as the 24-year-old stays undefeated with a win over Raphael Montini.

Victory at Bellator 268

Another fantastic showing from Bates, where he grabbed his third submission in the fourth fight of his professional career. The speed and tenacity of Bates to secure the armbar in such quick fashion was next level, as he’s proving to be a severe problem on the ground.

It was a second successive armbar in a row for Bates, where he previously secured the move over Cody Matthews at Bellator 261. Bates wasn’t too pleased with his performance as he stated, “Overall I was dissatisfied with my performance, felt as if I could have done things quicker.” Even though it was the quickest finish of his career after three minutes and 49 seconds into the first round, Bates described his quick victory as a “methodical gamesmanship.”

Bates is known for his extraordinary celebrations, crawling through the cage after his win against Matthews, and this time around, he decided on a backflip, nearly taking out his coach in the process.

“I said I wanted to do a backflip after I won. I wasn’t expecting him to walk in the cage so soon. I’m glad he got out the way in time”.

What’s Next for Bates?

A 13 fight win-streak for Bates through the amateur and pro ranks has made him look unstoppable at the minute, with plenty of options lined up for him in the division.

“I just take in each fight as it happens. I don’t get nervous. I don’t get worried. I just fight. Do I think I’m unstoppable, sure, but don’t we all have to think that? I just know I will be a great fighter”.

We could see Bates back in action in the coming months, more than likely in the new year, as he takes a well-deserved break for now after three fights this year.

It depends whether the right opportunity falls for Bates as he stated, “I’m just gonna lay low for a while, get off the grid.” However, there is still the possibility of him returning to the cage for the fourth time in 2021. Bates claimed he’d be back “As soon as Bellator has me, preferably December-January.”

Let’s hope we get to see the “New Breed” sooner rather than later, as he is simply a joy to watch and a worry to everyone else in the division.

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