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Chicago’s small-ball lineups have provided a significant amount of success early on in the season. With a 6-1 start, the Bulls are outperforming everyone’s expectations. These lineups have provided high scoring and lots of turnovers that lead to points the other way.

The con of these lineups is very glaring though when it comes to rebounding. The Bulls have looked woeful in the rebounding department getting significantly outrebounded by nearly everyone. 12 by the knicks,9 by the Jazz, and a whopping 20 by the Raptors despite being able to escape Toronto with a win. With starting forward Patrick Williams out for the season it’s become a need to get another big body now more than ever. So who should the Bulls look to pick up?

Thaddeus Young

This is an already familiar face to Bulls fans, The veteran found himself as a pawn in the DeMar DeRozan trade this summer to get the star to Chicago. Despite coming off one of his best seasons in recent memory, Young hasn’t found consistent rotational minutes on a Spurs team that sits at 2-5 and clearly hit the reset button this summer with the DeRozan trade.

He can still be a vital piece to any contending team with a 6’8 frame, experience, and his ability to stretch the floor. He already knows the offense and proved he fits well alongside Nikola Vucevic in the frontcourt towards the end of last season. If San Antonio were to buy out the rest of his contract this would be a great option.

Marvin Bagley III

The former 2nd overall pick has found himself out of the rotation this season in Sacramento. He also happens to be on the last year of his rookie deal so the Kings might look to get rid of him for something now instead of letting go of him for free in the offseason. I’m not sure how he would fit into the offense in Chicago but with career averages of around 14 and 7, I’m sure Billy Donovan could find a place for the young forward in the 2nd Unit and possibly the 1st unit depending on who needs rest from night-to-night.

He’s a big body at 6’11 and he provides scoring which is something the Bulls have struggled to find consistency doing when they turn to the bench in the absence of Coby White. Along with this, he is one of the best available options for the Bull’s rebounding woes that I can think of. If Sacramento doesn’t ask too much I’d love to see him in Bulls uniform by the trade deadline.

Derrick Favors

Another Veteran that found himself dumped to a young team that’s in rebuild mode this offseason, Favors is currently on a Thunder team that’s 1-6 at the moment. Being a guy that can contribute to a contending team like Young, Favors might want to see his way out of Oklahoma City by the trade deadline.

With the thunder having the lowest payroll in the league and being over 30 million under the salary cap that shouldn’t be too hard to make happen logistically. Favors is a big body at 6’9 that can get it done on both ends. With Career averages of 10 points and 7 rebounds, he could easily help Chicago in their most lacking departments.

Jerami Grant

Grant had the best season of his career last year averaging just over 22 points a game and was rewarded with a spot on Team USA where he won a gold medal in Tokyo over the summer. Despite a slight fall-off in scoring at just 16.8 so far this year he still brings a lot to the table for a contender.

Detroit had the 2nd worst record in the league last year and is looking to be heading in the same direction in 2021-22. It’s very likely they’re going to use Grant as a trade piece to try and get a few more draft picks or some younger guys. Chicago is stretched on assets so it isn’t a terribly realistic option but you never know.

Cam Reddish

Reddish is the biggest stretch on this list when you look at it from a surface level. When you look deeper though it’s not terribly unrealistic. Atlanta is going to be horribly stretched for cash next season when the extensions of Trae Young and Kevin Hueter kick in.

To combat this Reddish is only going to keep getting better and will be looking for a payday when his rookie contract runs out. It’s looking like the Hawks might not be able to provide that. Reddish provides length at 6’8 and can score from anywhere with shooting averages of 46/44/86 so far in 2021-22. Atlanta might ask a lot but he’s well worth a larger asking price given what his ceiling could possibly be and the player he already is.

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    What are you talking about? Reddish is shooting under 40% (not 46) from the field and 35% (not 44) from behind the arc. Not sure how you can say he can score from anywhere when he shoots under 40% from the field.

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