The Texans’ Plan For the Rest of the Season

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With yet another loss added to their record last Sunday, what is Houston’s plan for the rest of the season?


The Texans have shown that they are at least trying to stay in games, at least they did last week with three touchdowns during the final two minutes of their game against the Rams. Even though it was against the Rams’ backups, it still showed the offense’s true potential.

This week against the Dolphins, Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor will make his long-awaited return to the gridiron since his hamstring injury in week two prevented him from playing. As long as Tyrod stays healthy, the Texans have a chance to turn their 1-7 season around and at most (given the rest of their schedule) get about 4-5 wins.

So if you’re a Texans fan, get excited.


Given the Texans current record of 1-7, and currently being last in their division, should the Texans tank? The answer would be yes. This year, the AFC South is shaping out to be a battle between the Titans and Colts, with the Jaguars and Texans wallowing at the bottom. The Texans for the first time since 2017 have a first-round pick, so they’ll try to rise in the draft order.

The Texans elected not to trade Deshaun Watson at the deadline, which is a smart move. Miami dropped out of the contention for Watson because of his legal uncertainty that could cause problems later on in the year. The Texans decided to keep Watson as he is currently trying to fix his legal situation. The reasoning for this is because should he be cleared of all charges, more teams would be interested, and the Texans could get more for Watson.

Even though the Texans seem to be tanking, it’s best to stay optimistic about what could come in the future for this team.

Final Thoughts

Next week’s game against the Dolphins will decide whether the Texans are tanking or trying to win. Nevertheless, it should be an exciting game given that the Dolphins have an identical record.

HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 31: Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills (10) runs for a touchdown during a game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium on October 31, 2021, in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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