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Parus FC 6: Major Takeaways

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Parus FC 6 transpires on November 6th from Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. Multiple title fights topped the marquee in an event that also featured live music entertainment.

My major takeaways from this overseas martial arts extravaganza can be found below.

Parus FC 6

Jesse Arnett vs Denis Lavrentyev

The opening frame of this Parus FC bantamweight world championship bout with Arnett versus Lavrentyev saw the acclaimed wrestler and decorated judoka largely test skills in a kickboxing battle. Big Cat noticed an initial spinning back fist attempt coming from Lavrentyev. But a subsequent attempt later in the round was right on the money.

The spinning maneuver dropped Arnett to the canvas with Lavrentyev not letting up for a moment thereafter.

Arnett used his veteran savvy to keep maneuvering position and looking to actively defend. But Denis Lavrentyev was unrelenting with a torrent of ground and pound strikes raining down. As Lavrentyev fluidly undulated between having Arnett’s back and being in the mount position.

4:07 in the first frame was when the stoppage came with Lavrentyev (training partner of Petr Yan) pushing himself onto the radars of many major promotions. A win like that over this sort of quality opposition can do those kinds of things.

Sergei Kharitonov vs Fabio Maldonado

Kharitonov enters the cage as the reigning and defending Parus FC heavyweight champion. The title-earning victory came against Oli Thompson in November 2020 via sub-three-minute KO stoppage.

Maldonado proved himself as a game contender, managing the range well, and utilizing his thoughtful yet sharp boxing technique to pick through the champion’s guard.

The stoppage came super prematurely from the referee with both main event fighters objecting to the questionable call. Kharitonov did rock Maldonado a bit but the challenger was still very much in it and was intelligently defending himself when the bout was called.

Yet another Parus FC 6 title clash that ended in the first frame.

The Pride FC and Bellator MMA veteran once again showcased the vaunted power which has garnered him twenty-plus wins via strikes. The living legend continues to ply his trade within a sport that saw him make his debut in August 2000.

Evgeny Erokhin vs Joachim Christensen

The vacant Parus FC light heavyweight world championship was up for grabs in this showdown.

Erokhin showcased fluidity between disciplines as he used his grappling IQ to stymy the advances of Christensen will landing meaningful strikes throughout.

The ground and pound assault Evgeny Erokhin was unleashing eventually became too much for the official. The referee halted the proceedings via TKO in the first frame.

4:34 into the opening round of the fight saw the championship bounty hunter garner one more for the collection.

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