Andrei Svechnikov’s Hot Start to the Season

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Carolina Hurricanes player Andrei Svechnikov has had an amazing start to his season, absolutely blasting up points through his first games. Going into tomorrow’s matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Russian winger has the most points on his team, with seven goals and four assists. The player has looked phenomenal at the start of this season, and he only looks to continue these performances.

Svechnikov has made the most of his breif time in the NHL

Throughout his time in the league, Svechnikov has managed some amazing stats, especially considering he only played in one full 82 game season. With the opportunity to play the full 82 games this year, the player looks to continue his trend of improvement, as he is continually able to play against new teams, find their weaknesses, and develop even further as a star player.

On top of his stellar performances, he has put up these points mostly from the second forward line, after being shifted from his position on the first line and taking on playing alongside Vincent Trocheck and Martin Necas. While all three players don’t have a long tenure with the Hurricanes, they have managed to find some chemistry together, and all three players seem to be benefiting from the taking to the ice together. This chemistry was shown in the game against the Montreal Canadiens with a quick snipe against Jake Allen that can be seen below.

Another place where this player really starts to shine through is on the powerplay, where Svechnikov has really shown that he belongs. Most players in the top lines have done an amazing job in contributing to the power play, and this holds true with this winger. The player has put up three power-play points and looks really strong as he turns the play around and keeps the opposition team from being able to clear the puck.

His teammates have been really strong around him, which has allowed this player to have some really strong performances, which have currently put him on track for a season at over 112 points, which would put him at his strongest performance in the league so far. While he might not hit this mark, he still looks like he will have a strong season which will place him as one of the top elite players in the league, even in only his fourth season in the league, and his second as a full 82 game series.

In terms of defense, the Russian forward has been stellar, with a plus-nine +/- rating, and being a stellar addition to any defensive aspect of the game. The winger makes a point of pushing out hits, with 16 hits in ten games played which positions him as one of the top players in hits among his teammates. The player has four takeaways which many predict will greatly increase by the midway point of the season as in the past, the player has been among the leaders in this stat metric.

Where can Svechnikov go from here?

Svechnikov is just one of the reasons why the Hurricanes remain at a record of 9-1-0 on the season, which certainly put him in the running for the Hurricanes player of the month for October, as well as moving forward if he can keep this form and put up the numbers he’s been putting up on a nightly basis. Fans will look to see Svechnikov take on a bigger role in the team, as he grows into more of a presence in the league, especially because the player is only in his fourth season in the league, and the player is under contract until the 2028-29 season. At only 21-years-old, he has plenty of room to grow into an NHL superstar.

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