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Connor Walsh: Interview Ahead of Almighty FC 21

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Almighty Fighting Championship is set to host their second last event of the calendar year on Saturday 20th November. Almighty owner Ray Thompson makes The Olympia in Liverpool his home for the evening for the second time this year following a successful show in September for Almighty Fighting Championship 19.

The fight card on the night consists of talent from across the United Kingdom with a lively scouse crowd in attendance. Headlining the event is Sebastian Sroka and Haider Khan as they battle it out in the hope of progressing in their professional careers. Twenty-three fights are currently locked in for the night, including multiple amateur title fights.

Speaking of amateur title fights, I had the pleasure to catch up with Liverpool’s own Connor Walsh, who is on the hunt to take home his first amateur title since making his debut this year. Walsh sits at (3-0) as an amateur with two dominating unanimous decisions and one stoppage victory to his name. Walsh has taken the approach of staying active with his scheduled bout vs. Shawon Choudhury being his fourth fight in five months.

Interview With Connor Walsh

We are vastly approaching your second appearance on Almighty FC. How are you feeling ahead of your amateur title fight, and how has preparation been?  

Connor Walsh – “I’m feeling fantastic. Mentally and physically, I feel like I have just been getting better and better as the weeks go by in training. I couldn’t ask for anything better really, we have put the work in and are ready to go.”

You only started your amateur career this year. Your upcoming bout will be your fourth fight in five months. How does it feel to be competing for your first amateur title already, and could you sum up your amateur career thus far?

Connor Walsh – “Yes, it’s been an active year since July. I made a status saying that soon I will put the flyweights on notice, and I feel like that’s what I have done, but people forget I have been too junior IMMAFS and fought since I was about 13. I did boxing when I was 7. I have been in combat sports pretty much my whole life. Competing for the title has changed nothing in camp mindset stayed the same, and I know I deserve this title shot. Up to now, you could arguably say I haven’t lost a round in my three fights, and all of them could have been 10-8 s. I know I’m ready for this, and so does my team.”

You’re no stranger to Almighty, having fought on Almighty FC where you secured a unanimous decision victory. Not only to have you back but to have you back competing for a title, how does that make you feel?

Connor Walsh – “I like Almighty. I enjoyed fighting for them the last time and fought a good lad in Ali Sohaki. He was a good opponent, and it was good to me to be fighting at home.”

How was your experience with the promotion last time you competed in Liverpool? Is it a place you could see yourself on regular defending the title if victorious on the night?

Connor Walsh – “Yes, I will defend my belt, but I also want to travel around more. It won’t always be in Liverpool, but what a place it is to fight.”

Your first two amateur contests were in Preston and Bolton, but your previous fight and upcoming is in your backyard of Liverpool. How was the experience of getting the victory in front of your people last time out, and how much are you looking forward to doing the same? Is that something you thrive on, or does it put more pressure on your shoulders?

Connor Walsh – “I love fighting in front of my own crowd, and no, I never put pressure on myself. I never will. There is no point in it. I go in, and fight do what I do best. That is all I ever think. Of course, I love to win, but as long as I come out and perform, that’s all that matters to me, but I come out to win every time I fight.”

On the conversation of your last fight, although you came away with a convincing win. What lessons did you take away from that fight that you hope to implement against Shawon Choudhury?

Connor Walsh – “Nothing has changed for this camp. To be honest, we know how good Shawon is, and we know what he is capable of, but I know how good I am, and I know this shouldn’t be a problem for me. I love fighting these good lads. This is what it’s about, and I get to show how good I am.”

Shawon Choudhury has had an impressive amateur career thus far. What’re your overall thoughts on your opponent? Have you had the opportunity to watch previous fights of his and identify his strengths and weaknesses?

Connor Walsh “Yeah, Shawon is doing well. It’s crazy because, at his last fight, I was there. I didn’t know who Shawon was, but I went to watch my teammates and have a weekend away, and I ended up watching him fight. He was tough, came through a lot of adversity at the start, and ended up getting the job done, we know how we can win this fight, and we have a game plan for it.”

When you play this fight out in your head, I’m sure you have time and time again. What fight are you anticipating? What do you expect Shawon Choudhury to bring to the table, and what are the keys you need to do to ensure you shut down everything he brings?

Connor Walsh “I’m going to just come out and be me like I have done in last fights I know what I’m capable of and I know when I show how good I am and put a pace on I’ll come out on top. I’m going just to come out and be me like I have done in last fights. I know what I’m capable of, and I know when I show how good I am and put a pace on, I’ll come out on top.”

You’re just at the start of your MMA journey, with so much time on your hands to get better and better. What’re your primary goals as you set on this journey? What are you looking to get out of the sport, or is it take it as it comes?

Connor Walsh “My main goals are just getting that experience to keep fighting and prepare myself for the pro ranks I’m looking to go all the way. This is my job. I keep training, and I’m with the right teams to keep getting better and better. I have got the right people around me to succeed.”

Lastly, can we get your official fight prediction? How do you get it done?

Connor Walsh “I think the fight might go all the way. It may not, but either way I’m going to come out on top.”

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