Jesper Boqvist & Tyce Thompson Called Up

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Lineup Changes

As Yegor Sharangovich has gone ice cold in the last 5 games and generated only 3 shots it’s a perfect time to bench Sharangovich. For a player of Sharangovich’s type of hockey who is a goal scorer, he needs to sit out and get some feedback from the Devils video crew that can help break down to what he did between last year for Dynamo Minsk in the KHL and with the New Jersey Devils at the NHL level. Some of Yegor’s conundrums have to do with overthinking and mechanics so there is going to be a lot of refining a few aspects in his game that can get him back to last years form.

With Tyce Thompson called up along with Jesper Boqvist both players have made it to the Devils last season and they look to make a big impression vs. a team like the Florida Panthers. Thompson is the brother of Tage Thompson who is looking to keep up scoring both timely goals and assists like he has been with Utica. Jesper Boqvist has been a points maker in Utica and it is fair to say that three of Utica’s best players are on the New Jersey Devils roster.

Jesper Boqvist is more of a centerman by trade but is also very versatile on the wing. Jesper is the brother to Adam Boqvist but Jesper as a forward began improving with 7 points versus 4 points in the previous season at a minimum of 28 games to 35 from the previous season. So it looks more like Jesper is figuring out his own game at the North American level the past few years.

Hamilton and Goaltending Variables

If Dougie Hamilton is in today’s lineup for the New Jersey Devils it’s safe to say the production for Thompson, and Boqvist can be very beneficial with a big right-handed defenseman who can get quick passes out efficiently. Another variable, if Hamilton is in with these youngsters out there, would be shots on the net.

 The more Dougie shoots pucks on the net the more likely it is to tap home those juicy rebounds. It seems like with either Mackenzie Blackwood or Jonathan Bernier in net the Devils defence should be able to settle in knowing one of the two goaltenders have their backs. 

The Skinny

Tonight the Devils need to be aware of Anthony Duclair who has a point per game with 8 goals per 12 games at 12 points. Jonathan Huberdeau is at a point per game currently but with 9 assists in 12 games. Alexander Barkov has 13 points out of 7 which are goals. 

The biggest test for either Mackenzie Blackwood or Jonathan Bernier will be “can the Florida Panthers handle these two really solid goaltenders?” Recently the Rangers defeated the Panthers at Madison Square Garden and outplayed Florida in just every facet of the game. 

If the New Jersey Devils goaltending can keep either Spencer Knight or even Bobrovsky’s offence Florida attack there’s a good chance of beating them with fast pace hockey. The Devils have already played some really tough clubs like the Calgary Flames or even the Washington Capitals where they could’ve easily surrendered.

 This group of Devils players with the likes of Dawson Mercer, Alexander Holtz, Tyce Thompson, and Jesper Boqvist being in the lineup adds more youth, persistence, and the offensive capabilities to be unleashed.

The Devils have a game plan that needs to be executed now that the team is gaining more experience from their veteran leadership. If the power play gets going with some of the younger players there could be some new line chemistry that will make this team very fun to watch. With Miles Wood out due to surgery, it’s going to be weird not to see a big, physical, speedy Bam Bam type of forward who was a key goal scorer out for some time. 

Evaluation Period

A good guess is that New Jersey Devils GM, Tom Fitzgerald uses the next 5-20 games as an evaluation period. This kind of evaluation stretch would help him re-evaluate the depth chart in the farm system, and maybe make a few deals since Tomas Tatar has been struggling very mightily to net goals. 

Yegor Sharangovich as mentioned earlier has gone through his sophomore cold streak at the NHL level so there needs to be someone who gets these 2 guys rolling and gets the team in the top 16 and higher offensive categories. As of now, Jersey’s team is breathing down the necks of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Philadelphia Flyers to gain possession of a wild card spot.

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